Ever wondered why your ponytail looks thin and limp while others swish with shape and volume? Then check out our Brand Ambassador Angel Montague Sayers’ top tips for creating ponytail envy….


If your ponytail needs a boost, then simply add a clip to the underneath of the ponytail. Clip it to the hair bobble and push upwards. No one will see the clip, but this will give instant and forever lasting volume!

Dry shampoo will never let you down. Spritz some directly through your ponytail for increased body and lift. Check the ingredients list to ensure you’re spritzing a dry shampoo that’s ideal for adding body. Stash a travel-sized version in your bag for midday emergencies.

Creating texture always helps to plump out the hair and give the illusion of a thicker shape. Use a curling tong (I’d recommend using the Curlie tong by EIDEAL- the size depends on the length of hair, but create enough shape to get that expansion) and gently wrap each strand around the barrel. Once you have completed this, shake out with your fingertips and add a little hair dust to finish.


Here our Brand Ambassador Angel, tells us all about what her must have products are;
“Having the right hair tools is essential to creating that salon worthy finish in the comfort of your own home. I often see clients struggling with a 5 year old hairdryer..for me investing in a top hairdryer is crucial to your hair and your time.
My favourite is the Silent Force from EIDEAL, its lightweight, powerful, white and is much quieter than any other dryer I have used before.”
 SM Art 110.NEF.p
Once you have you dryer sorted, brushes are the next priority. I like to use the DeKnot brush while my hair is wet to avoid any damage and to easily detangle. Then for speed I recommend investing in a high quality paddle brush that doesn’t snag or pull your hair and that you’ll have in your personal kit bag for life. The Bamboo brushes by EIDEAL are worth their weight in gold. They come in two different forms; Plastic pins and soft bristles and two different sizes, perfect if you are travelling too!
At this time of year, sandals are an essential part of everyones wardrobe so it is important your feet are looking presentable. I swear by the footpod from EIDEAL which I use weekly in the shower and because of its compact design, makes it ideal to travel with.
Having effortless looking holiday waves can sometimes be a burden, take away the effort of styling with the Curl Guru from EIDEAL. This wand also doubles as a hot brush for creating that bouncy blow-dry finish but also easily tousles your hair into post beach perfection. The beauty of this tool is that it’s so easy to use on your own hair, the barrel is the same length all the way down which means you don’t have to worry about curls that are too tight.


For the month of Ramadan we have joined forces with the award winning salon group Marquee. Our Brand Ambassador; Angel Montague Sayers will be styling the clients hair and showcasing our range of luxury tools. If the client purchases a tool then the service will be complimentary…. a win win we think!

This collaboration has already caused a stir in the UAE press, with AHLAN and 7DAYS featuring the offer.





EIDEAL Shakira tutorial


Shakira is giving us serious hair envy at EIDEAL HQ, here is how to recreate her super curl do;

  • Apply some mousse into the hair a blow-dry this in using the Eionic hair
    dryer and the Soft Bamboo paddle brush.
  • Once the hair is 100% dry, divide the hair into small sections.
  • Take a section and wrap this around the Curlie wand, ensuring that the wand is placed behind the section to give a more subtle shape to the top.
  • Alternate two sized wands to give a more naturally curly result. I recommend using the 18 and the 25 Curlie wands.
  • Once all of the hair has been called, shake out the shape using your fingers and spritz with a texturing spray for really Shakira volume.

EIDEAL Shakira tutorial

For a played down Shakira result why not opt for smoother curls during the Euros;

  • Apply some mousse into the hair and blow-dry this in using the Eionic hairdryer and the Soft Bamboo paddle brush.
  • Once the hair is 100% dry, divide the hair into small sections.
  • Using the EIDEAL Curl Guru, gently glide this around each section of hair to imitate a hot brush. This will help smooth the cuticle as well as giving volume and lift to the root area.
  • If you would like to have a stronger curl from the Curl Guru, simply wrap the section around the barrel and release the bristles.
  • Then drop into the palm of your hand and scrunch to help set the shape in place.
  • Repeat either method until all of the hair is curled.
  • Then tip your head upside and break up the curl with your fingers.
  • Finish by using some of the Amazon Keratin Argan Oil Serum to add a flawless shine to the hair.


Hair grips (otherwise known as Bobby Pins) are in every girls hair kit bag and have endless uses, so we wanted to share our advice on different ways to utilize them:


For better grip, flip the bobby pin over so that the wavy side is against your head.

Spray dry shampoo, hairspray or texture spray on the bobby pin before insertion to prevent slippage.

Secure the end of a braid with a hidden bobby pin to make your style look more chic – Slide a bobby pin upward into the knot to secure it. Voilà! A braid with no unsightly hair ties.

Keep your hair from falling in your face with hidden bobby pins.


Secure tiny braids with a concealed bobby pins.

Cover the elastic of your ponytail with a section of hair pinned around the base to disguise hair bobbles.


Pin back a half-up hairstyle with a geometric triangle design.


Insert grips into the base of your ponytail, vertically to prop up your ponytail.

Make your curls last longer by pinning the sections after curling them until they’ve cooled.

Apply eyelash glue to false lashes with the tip of a clean bobby pin.

They don’t always need to be hidden; use them as your hair decoration.




This month, EIDEAL are featured in both Emirates Woman and Cosmopolitan magazine with hair by our Brand Ambassador Angel Montague-Sayers.

In Cosmopolitan; Angel styled the hair for Brooke Dallow- Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan Middleeast- ‘Here I blow-dryed the hair smooth using the Amazon Keratin serum and Silent force hairdryer, then in small sections I rotated the DiamonSilk irons back and forth to create a subtle beach wave. Then with my fingers I shook out the shape and finish with some dry shampoo to create a matte effect.’

Cosmopolitan ME shoot for Editor- June 2016

The first feature in Emirates Woman is ‘Trend on Trial-tracksuits’ ‘Here the brief was ‘natural cool girl vibe’ so on Tarsila I created dishevelled waves, firstly with the Geenie irons and then used some salt spray and a dryer to give extra texture.’

Emirates Woman shoot-tracksuits on trial- June 2016

For ‘The great coverup’ Angel used the Curl Guru to form effortless curls with a demi top knot on blogger Zarah Amira.

And on Handbag Designer; Sofia Al Asfoor, she used the large Curlie tongs in large vertical sections to enhance her natural hair texture.

Emirates Woman shoot- Ramadan special june 2016


At EIDEAL we are all for adding an extra day or two in between shampooing. The only issue is the longer you go without washing, the less likely you are to let your locks flow freely. But here’s the silver lining: There are a few hairstyles that actually look better on dirty hair. Lazy girls rejoice, these are guaranteed to help you on Ramadan mornings;


Twist your tresses into a chic , low chignon. The more texture the better and it keeps it out of your way.


Braids will be your best friends if you’re pushed for time in the mornings. They are easier to do on dirty hair and still look like you’ve made an effort…everyones a winner!


Look fierce for the office with a sharp, tailored style that will oozes sophistication. And the best part; no one will be able to tell the state of your hair if you layer up the hair spray and comb it into a low side parting….Ideal for the ever expanding heat!


We’re obsessed with high ponytail’s, they look chic especially if you have extra long locks and make you feel as though you’re still in school. Wrap a small section of hair around to disguise the bobble and add a little texture spray for extra movement.