At EIDEAL we were thrilled this week to see our ‘healthy hair tips’ advice featured in STYLIST ARABIA. Summer is a huge concern for everyone desperately trying to protect their hair so read on for the full low down:

Stylist Mag.

It’s important not to forget our hair when we enter into our summer health kick. With the build up of Chlorine, sunshine and air conditioning our hair is incredibly delicate in the UAE and having a rest period after all the brunches isn’t a bad idea either.

Detoxing ins’t just for our bodies but it’s for our hair too, first step in to remove any old products from the hair and get a good haircut to remove any dry, damaged ends.

Next up is to get a good reconditioning treatment; I’d recommend ‘The One’ treatment by Amazon Keratin as this lasts up to an incredible 8 weeks while also deeply nourishing packing protein and nutrients into the hair.

These days we are obsessed about how much we wash our hair and for many of us it’s a daily occurrence rather than weekly. Washing your hair too much, strips the hair of it’s natural oils which will make it dry and irritant. Whereas not washing it enough becomes unpleasant and unhygienic.

Many of you out there are guilty of not washing your hair properly. You whizz the shampoo through it in 2 seconds flat and fail to wash it out completely. Your scalp is constantly releasing sebum (skin oil). It is being mixed with dust, dirt, dead skin cells and various other hair products. Therefore your shampoo needs to remove all this in order for your scalp to be clear and your hair to be clean again.

Although heated tools have revolutionised the way we style our hair it is crucial to remember the temperature of the tool. EIDEAL has a huge range of curling tongs, wands and irons all with a temperature control so you can keep it low for your down days

A deep conditioning mask will also work wonders and applying once a week and leaving on the hair for 15 minutes is hugely beneficial. I recommend using the Amazon Keratin ‘Green Tea’ mask that deeply penetrates and protects the hair from external aggressions.

Brushing your hair too vigorously can also cause extra damage so get yourself a DeKnot brush by EIDEAL because it helps limit breakage and glides through your hair effortlessly.







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