In this week’s HAYA magazine; our Brand Ambassador Angel Montague Sayers decided it was all about ponytails. Here she talks us through what tools it takes to achieve this summer’s must have hair.
‘Above, I was inspired by the hair at MARNI for SS16. At the back the pigtails were twisted to create a softer shape around the face and by using the Curl Guru I was able to add a beautiful etherial texture to the mid-lengths and ends.’



‘Here I wanted to re-invent the hair from my school days but give it a modern twist. I kept the hair super clean by blow-drying it smooth using my favourite;The Natural Wooden Round Brush and the incredibly powerful Eionic dryer. To ensure there wasn’t a hair out of place I then spritzed some setting spray around the hairline and used my dryer to flatten these down.’


‘Bobble ponytails are set to be huge this summer and they are incredibly easy to do yourself. Make sure your hair some shape to the ends, I’d recommend using the large ‘Curlie’ tong to add shape. Then gather your hair into a ponytail and place elastic bands all the way down. To finish gently knead these out with your fingers and you’re good to go.’


‘Channel your inner sixties siren with a bouffant side ponytail this summer for instant style points. Use your fingers to gather the hair, rather than a brush so it feels ‘lived in’ and use the Curl Guru tong for full ends with an effortless wave.’


‘Looped ponytails are MAJOR and for this, the key is to keep the hair super smooth using the new Geenie irons by EIDEAL. These heat up instantly for fuss free styling.’


‘And last but not least; the Power Pony. Perfect for those wanting to make a statement this summer, position this in front of the crown for serious height and wrap a thick piece of hair around the elastic which will help prop it up.’


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