Here our Brand Ambassador Angel, tells us all about what her must have products are;
“Having the right hair tools is essential to creating that salon worthy finish in the comfort of your own home. I often see clients struggling with a 5 year old hairdryer..for me investing in a top hairdryer is crucial to your hair and your time.
My favourite is the Silent Force from EIDEAL, its lightweight, powerful, white and is much quieter than any other dryer I have used before.”
 SM Art 110.NEF.p
Once you have you dryer sorted, brushes are the next priority. I like to use the DeKnot brush while my hair is wet to avoid any damage and to easily detangle. Then for speed I recommend investing in a high quality paddle brush that doesn’t snag or pull your hair and that you’ll have in your personal kit bag for life. The Bamboo brushes by EIDEAL are worth their weight in gold. They come in two different forms; Plastic pins and soft bristles and two different sizes, perfect if you are travelling too!
At this time of year, sandals are an essential part of everyones wardrobe so it is important your feet are looking presentable. I swear by the footpod from EIDEAL which I use weekly in the shower and because of its compact design, makes it ideal to travel with.
Having effortless looking holiday waves can sometimes be a burden, take away the effort of styling with the Curl Guru from EIDEAL. This wand also doubles as a hot brush for creating that bouncy blow-dry finish but also easily tousles your hair into post beach perfection. The beauty of this tool is that it’s so easy to use on your own hair, the barrel is the same length all the way down which means you don’t have to worry about curls that are too tight.


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