Ever wondered why your ponytail looks thin and limp while others swish with shape and volume? Then check out our Brand Ambassador Angel Montague Sayers’ top tips for creating ponytail envy….


If your ponytail needs a boost, then simply add a clip to the underneath of the ponytail. Clip it to the hair bobble and push upwards. No one will see the clip, but this will give instant and forever lasting volume!

Dry shampoo will never let you down. Spritz some directly through your ponytail for increased body and lift. Check the ingredients list to ensure you’re spritzing a dry shampoo that’s ideal for adding body. Stash a travel-sized version in your bag for midday emergencies.

Creating texture always helps to plump out the hair and give the illusion of a thicker shape. Use a curling tong (I’d recommend using the Curlie tong by EIDEAL- the size depends on the length of hair, but create enough shape to get that expansion) and gently wrap each strand around the barrel. Once you have completed this, shake out with your fingertips and add a little hair dust to finish.


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