BeautyWorld Middle East is one of the largest International trade fairs in the world and the year will be EIDEAL’s 8th year at the prestigious trade show.

Spanning over three days we’ll be showcasing our latest tools including our revolutionary new smart iron; the Geenie as well as demonstrating this season’s techniques and revealing the incredible results of Amazon Keratin; our luxury smoothing service.


Alongside this EIDEAL has teamed up with business guru Susie Santiago and together will launch the EIDEAL-Santi Business Leadership Program at this years event.

Our New Brand Ambassador; Angel Montague Sayers will also be showing you her tricks of the trade with hair master classes’s running throughout the three days.

LoveThatHair 0416

Please come and say hello at the EIDEAL stand (2A12) hall 2.


With stunning gowns, star-studded performances, and appearances by all the biggest celebs, the annual Met Gala is one of the most glamorous nights of the year and this week it certainly didn’t disappoint! The beauty of this event is that all the guests go all out to impress on the red carpet and today we’re giving you the latest hair scoop alongside how to achieve the look yourselves.

One key trend to arise this year is that poker straight hair is back in fashion ladies and it couldn’t go unnoticed on the red carpet, with celebrities including Cindy Crawford, Alessandra Ambrosio, Beyonce, Kylie Jenner, Rose Byrne and many more all opting for the super sleek style.


Another craze was the tailored chignon which was often styled with a sharp parting and sleek finish. This was worn by Emily Ratajkowski, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Rita Ora, Gigi Hadid and Olivia Wilde.



Amber Heard and Kate Upton epitomised old school glamour with her side swept waves while Kirstin Stewart went a little less polished with unkempt texture and micro braids.




To achieve Amber Heard’s enviable waves follow these simple steps:


  1. Starting on freshly washed hair; apply some strong mousse and blow-dry this in using the EIDEAL Eionic hairdryer and round ceramic brush.
  2. Once all of the hair is dry, establish a low side parting with your comb.
  3. Using your Curl Guru tong by EIDEAL wrap large sections around the barrel, scrunch in the palm of your hands and then pin to cool and set in place.
  4. Repeat this until all of the hair in pinned. Make sure you start wrapping each section about 5 inches from the top.
  5. Remove the clips once the hair is cool.
  6. Using your Soft Bamboo Paddle Brush from EIDEAL; smooth down one side and tuck behind the ear. With the remaining side: brush this up from the hairline and spray with hairspray. Then use your hairdryer to set the volume in place with a little hot air.
  7. Spray the ends with some hairspray and gently brush through the shape using your comb.
  8. Finish with a shine spray.


The beauty of the Tailored Chignon is that you don’t need to have clean hair to do it on so it’s the perfect ‘next day’ hair;

  1. On dry hair, smooth out any kinks or frizz using your EIDEAL DiamonSilk straightening irons.
  2. Use a comb draw in a sharp parting (side partings always add a little more glamour to this look)
  3. Taking the back in one section (leave the hair from ear to ear out) comb all this into a point at the occipital bone (the bone that sticks out at the back of your head)
  4. Spray with lots of hairspray and tie really tight with elastic.
  5. Then move onto the front section; spray with lots of hairspray and use your comb to smooth out any stray hairs.
  6. Once you are happy with how neat the front sections are (and they are almost wet with the amount of spray there is) attach to the first ponytail using an elastic.
  7. Use your hairdryer on a cool heat to flatten any hairs.
  8. Wrap the ponytail around itself in a tight bun shape and secure with grips and pins.


Everyone knows the highlight of the MTV Music awards is the beauty red carpet and this year it certainly disappoint. The ‘model’s of the moment’ stole the spotlight with a line-up of hair looks everyone will be desperate to copy.

cara-delevingne-mtv-movie-awards-2016-beauty kendall-jenner-mtv-movie-awards-2016-beauty gigi-hadid-mtv-movie-awards-2016-beauty


Kendal Jenner wowed onlookers with her bobble ponytail and super shiny locks while Gigi Hadid channeled her inner Bridget Bardot with a faux fringe and low-key texture.

Cara Delevingne won EIDEAL’S hair hero award with her nonchalant waves and micro parting braid, here is how to recreate our three favourite looks from last nights event…



  1. Begin by prepping your freshly washed hair with a strong hair mouse from root to tip.
  2. Blow-dry this into the hair using your EIDEAL Deknot brush, as this will help you detangle whilst drying.
  3. Establish a centre parting with your comb.
  4. Once the hair is 100% dry, use the EIDEAL DiamonSilk irons to smooth out the hair and create that enviable shine.
  5. Slightly backcomb the crown area to add a little lift to your ponytail.
  6. Then use the Soft Bristle bamboo paddle brush by EIDEAL, to gather the hair into a low ponytail and use a little hairspray to eliminate any fly-aways.
  7. Secure the hair with elastic and use your brush to even out the mid-lengths of the hair.
  8. Next you will need to tie three elastic bobbles evenly down the rest of the hair.
  9. Once you have done, this take a fine piece of hair from the very end of the ponytail and gently ruche up to create the bobbles.
  10. Finish by using a light shine spray.



  1. Starting with freshly washed hair, apply some oil to the mid-lengths and ends.
  2. Using the Eionic hairdryer by Eideal and a large Natural Wooden brush, blow-dry the hair straight making sure to direct the hairdryer down to encourage the cuticles to lay flat.
  3. Once the hair is dry, use the largest ‘Curlie’ tongs by EIDEAL to gently smooth the hair whilst giving a subtle bend to the ends.
  4. Either smooth out your bangs or add in a faux fringe (always make sure the colour match is seamless. )
  5. Finish with a light serum or hairspray.



  1. Prepping the hair is so important to ensure the style you’re creating is long lasting. Roughly section the hair and apply some strong hold mousse from root to tip.
  2. Blow-dry the product into the hair using your EIDEAL hairdryer and Bamboo Paddle brush.
  3. Establish a low side parting with your comb.
  4. Divide the hair into small sections and clip away the remaining hair.
  5. Gently rotate your EIDEAL DiamonSilk Irons down each section, making sure to exaggerate each bend and keep a soft grip on the plates.
  6. Repeat this around the rest of the hair however when you come to the very front sections, slightly rotate on a diagonal to keep it softer around the face.
  7. Once all the hair is waved, move onto the MicroBraid;
  8. Using a fine tooth comb, section the hair from the crown to the front hairline. This should be no larger than 2cm in width.
  9. Create another small section from where the parting meets the hairline, down to behind the ear and clip this away.
  10. Mist some hairspray onto your EIDEAL soft bristle Bamboo paddle brush and brush the remaining hair away from the hairline.
  11. Braid the fine sections into using three pieces of hair. Start at the back and work towards to hairline, then back to behind the ear.
  12. Fasten this with a clear elastic.
  13. Once complete; shake out the waves with your fingertips and finish with a light hairspray or salt spray for extra texture.

Ahlan! Hot 100 Party

ImageOn March 5th the EIDEAL team donned their best dresses (and suits) and made their way to the ultra-fabulous Waldorf Astoria Hotel for the Ahlan! Hot 100 party! For those of you who couldn’t make it, don’t worry! We were busy snapping the entire evening so that we could bring you the highlights!


Before we left we ensured that we looked our very best by having our make-up applied by celebrity favorite, Hannah Lisa MUA.

ImageThe night began with bang! The 10th Anniversary introduction featured a DJ, laser show and fireworks!


We were mesmerized by acrobats and contortionists!




Before enjoying some mouth watering nibbles! There was everything from sushi to cheese and some seriously HOT deserts!


The EIDEAL team – not a hair out of place!


EIDEAL’s founder, Haysam, next to the Hot 100 Hall of Fame – can you spot his name?


Haysam next to his Hot 100 canvas, you can learn more about Haysam and his passion for show jumping here


EIDEAL’s Laura & Kate strutting their stuff on the Hot 100 Red Carpet!

Ahlan! Hot 100



We are super excited to announce that EIDEAL’s founder, Haysam Eid, has been nominated for the prestigious Ahlan! Hot 100! For those of you who aren’t already aware, the Hot 100 is an exclusive collective of the UAE’s most influential people as recognized by the country’s leading editors.

Since 2005 the Hot 100 has listed and celebrated the UAE’s most influential and inspiring residents from entrepreneurs and activists to pioneers and trendsetters, bringing them together in a commemorative book and a spectacular night to remember, hailed as the hottest ticket in the country’s social calendar.

To become a member of the Hot 100, individuals are recognized and recommended by ITP’s elite team of editors, the leading social commentators and business leaders of the region.

As you can imagine, we are all very proud of this huge achievement as Haysam’s consistent dedication and guidance has enabled our company to progress from strength to strength!

The Hair Diaries – EIDEAL & My Fash Diary Create the Perfect Blowdry


Ever wondered how stylists make that perfectly smooth blowdry seem effortless? Salon-perfect hair is more achievable than you may think! This month we worked with Tala Samman of MyFashDiary.com to take the stress out of that blowout and show that a frizz-free, silky blowdry is well within reach! 

For the full MyFashDiary.com Blowdry Tutorial click here.


Step 1 (The correct shampooing procedure)

A bouncy blowdry begins with a clean mane! Ensure your hair is squeaky clean by shampooing twice. Focus on the roots and scalp, the shampoo will work its way down the rest of the hair and clean it automatically. I recommend using a high-quality, sulfate-free shampoo to maintain the hairs’ natural oils and shine. After rinsing out the shampoo, condition it. I distribute the product between the mid-sections and the ends, making sure I avoid the scalp as this can add extra weight to the hair and give a nasty, oily effect! I pay extra attention to the dry/damaged areas as they need a little extra nourishment!

Step 2 (Product preparation)

At this point my hair is clean and ready to go. Working with wet hair, I take a small amount of leave-in conditioner and gently rub it into the ends. This protects my hair from the brushing and heat, as well as loosening up any stray tangles I might have. I then detangle with my paddle brush – this prevents breakage and damage when we start to blowdry.

Tip: A good hairstyle requires good tools so it is important to work with a high-quality brush and dryer! Curly and frizzy haired girls will require a round brush with strong bristles to achieve tension when it is pulled through the hair. Brushes with a larger diameter will achieve a straighter effect whereas smaller diameter barrels will create a more curly/voluminous look. If you’re looking for a super-straight effect I recommend working with a paddle brush.

ImageStep 3 (Taming the texture)

Now we move on to the fun part! It is important to begin with the most curly/resistant part of the hair, for many, this is the bangs/fringe. Starting with this unruly section gives you greater control and leaves your bangs looking smooth and polished.

Tip: Make sure the roots are still really wet at this point; this will help the bangs to lay flat.

First I section-off the front of my hair using a tail comb and clip/tie the rest out of the way. Then, using the nozzle on the end of the hairdryer, I ensure the airflow is facing downwards and stretch my bangs from left to right – this ensures that I have control over where the part falls. The nozzle should follow the direction of the brush working downwards from the roots.

ImageStep 4 (Rough dry & protect)

Now that my bangs have been tamed it’s time to move on to the rest of my mane. I let my hair completely down and use the dryer to remove some of the excess moisture. It is important to keep the dryer moving as this prevents the hair from becoming ‘patchy’. I then apply a small amount of my Argan Oil Serum to the middle and ends of my hair to smooth and protect. For better results I apply the serum after rough drying as the cuticle is open at this stage so the product is easily absorbed.


Step 5 (Section and dry – back)

Next I section my hair and, starting with the under layer at the back, begin to dry. I use my round brush to create tension and concentrate the airflow down the cuticle to smooth the hair. I only move on to a new section once I know that the roots are completely dry as they are the key to a long-lasting style. If you’re in need of a volume boost you can work with a volumizing product and hold the round brush, with the hair wrapped around, at the roots for a few moments whilst the hair cools. To really set the style I use the cool shot button on the dryer. For convenience I group the sections together as I dry, working my way up from the nape of the neck to the crown.

ImageStep 6 (Section and dry – front)

Now I’m ready to start work on the sides. I create sections on the left and right sides and repeat the drying process I used at the back. It is important to distribute the hair evenly across the brush and maintain an even amount of tension.

ImageStep 7 (Finishing touches)

To complete my blowdry I add a blast of cold air, this closes the cuticles and sets the style in place. For that on-trend ‘lived-in’ look I flip my hair over, remove the nozzle from the dryer and blast my hair – this creates definition.

Tip: To revive your blowdry the next day, take sections of your hair from the root then wrap them around the barrel of your round brush and roll up to the scalp. Hold your hair in place for a few seconds a give it a quick cold blast with the hair dryer to set in the volume. If your roots tend to be oily, rub some dry shampoo into them – this prolongs the life of your blowdry and adds volume to flat hair.


Get The Look – Win EIDEAL Hair Tools with My Fash Diary

ImageIf you loved our hair tutorial and want to know how you can get the look, you’re in luck!  To celebrate our new partnership with My Fash Diary, one of our lucky followers will win a hamper bursting with EIDEAL hair tools, namely the dryer, curler and brush that were used to create December’s look. To enter, all you have to do is share the post on the MyFashDiary.com Facebook Page and like the EIDEAL Facebook Page. The winner will be announced on 29th January so good luck!

The Hair Diaries – EIDEAL & My Fash Diary Monthly Hair Tutorial

We are super excited to announce that we have joined forces with the oh-so-chic Tala Samman of My Fash Diary fame for a monthly hair tutorial feature! We have had many requests from our fans asking how to use our tools to achieve salon-worthy results. This feature will enable our audience to get the most out of their EIDEAL hair tools, recreate the hottest hair trends and master the basics such as a blow-dry with a few easy, at-home steps!

Our first tutorial was just in time for the December festive party season and featured two looks that take you from day-to-night!

ImageTala began by using her eionic hairdryer and Ceramic Long Barrel Brush to create a curly, bouncy blow-dry, perfect for a polished daytime look.

ImageAfter the first look was complete, Tala showed just how easy it is to take the look from day to night. The fashion and beauty blogger used her EIDEAL eCURLER to quickly add definition to her curls before gently separating them with her fingers for an ultra-glam nighttime look. The eCURLER is the ideal tool for creating those Hollywood-style curls as the barrel is coated with Nano-Silver and Nano-Titanium to ensure the hair is protected from damage and left with a healthy sheen!

ImageFor a detailed step-by-step guide to Tala’s glam curls visit: www.myfashdiary.com and keep your eyes peeled for January’s edition!

5 Hair-olutions from the EIDEAL Office!


“Picking split ends” – our Marketing Manager’s nasty hair habit! We’re all guilty of committing sins when it comes to beauty and the EIDEAL girls are no different! But a New Year demands a new start and we’re going to try our level best to cutout our beauty misdemeanors! After much office debate we have come up with our top 5 New Year’s hair-olutions that we resolve to stick to until 2015!

1. I will not split my hair to the root by picking/peeling split ends!

2. I will moisturize! I will remember to use my leave-in conditioner between wastes and to deep-condition my hair once a week.

3. I will hydrate! Drinking more water is a New Year’s MUST! H2o boosts detoxification and will dramatically improve the quality of your skin, hair, nails and eyes. Aim to drink at least 2-3 litres per day for shiny, healthy hair!

4. I will change my look! Wearing my hair in a ponytail 7 days a week is getting repetitive! I will change my look using braids and curlers as my aids!

5. I will turn down the heat! I will adjust the settings on my flat irons and hairdryer once in a while to give my hair a break from Max. Temp!

We think these 5 hair-related resolutions are easy to apply and make a pretty good start for gorgeous hair all-round for 2014!  Here’s to a year full of fabulous, flowing locks!

4 Festive Hairstyles to Take you from Christmas to New Year

We love the festive season as it’s the one time of the year that you can quite simply, show off! It’s ‘OK’ to dress head-to-toe in sequins, adorn yourselves in bling and dance from dusk til dawn! With this in mind we think you’re going to need some hair inspiration to take you from Christmas eve catch-ups to New Year’s Eve celebrations. Here is our 4 top picks!


Slicked Back

Slicked back hairstyles scream ‘high-fashion’ and they have been everywhere this season. Add some edge to a pretty dress with a super-straight, high-shine do. You’ll need our DiamonSilk flat irons to complete the look as the diamond-coated plates add an unparallelled shine!


Soft Waves

Soft waves aren’t just for the beach, Sarah Jessica Parker shows they can look very chic and feminine with a LBD! To achieve this look twist small strands of the hair before wrapping around the barrel of your curling tong.


80s Inspired Curls

Remain on-trend with 80s inspired curls and a deep side-part  – the TwinFusion, is an ideal tool for this –  add texture by backcombing through the curls to give a less structured finish.


The Perfect Blowdry

Sleek hair is trendy this season, and it’s perfect for the holidays because it looks well finished. After blowdrying your hair using a round brush to smooth and curl under, use a wide-barreled tong to curl under the ends to add definition and the illusion of extra volume.