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A Much “Loved” Hairstyle by EIDEAL

Valentine’s Day is one of those special occasions where every woman wants to look sexy, beautiful, and attractive for her man. Date? Check. Outfit? Check. Makeup? Check. Now it’s time to find you the perfect hairstyle that will keep your date’s eyes on you the whole evening. Considering that, a woman should wear her hair the way her date loves it. In fact, the majority of men love women with long, sexy curls. So this is the most common hairstyle for Valentine’s Day. You can use EIDEAL™’s Rod Curler to create a stunning wavy hairstyle that will be simply mind-blowing!

Valentine hairstyle by EIDEAL™

Valentine hairstyle by EIDEAL™

If you feel like curly locks are not enough, try changing your hair color. After all, this is the occasion for you to experiment and try new things!

We hope you have a very beautiful and romantic Valentine’s Day!

Valentine hairstyle by EIDEAL™

Valentine hairstyle by EIDEAL™


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Holiday Hairstyles by EIDEAL™

This is the Holiday season and that means girls have a better excuse for getting all dolled up and experimenting with new hairstyles to suit their Christmas and NYE outfits. And why not? Trying on different hairstyles or getting a new hairdo is very exciting. After all, it surely gets you in the mode for all the festivities.

Curls are always fresh and classy to start off the New Year looking young and sexy. You can get your curls by using EIDEAL™’s Curling Iron which guarantees ultra results!

As for girls with sleek hair, getting bangs will surely make all the difference! This look is forever edgy and stylish.

Another cute hairstyle is the ponytail. Start off by straightening your hair with EIDEAL™’s Diamonsilk Flat Iron and then slick it back and tie it up with a rubber band. Super cute and very easy to pull off!

Last but not least, the messy side braid hairstyle is very funky and fresh. Firstly, style your hair in waves using the curling iron and then braid it on one side and keep it natural. Keep a few locks flying for a more natural look.

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Get the Perfect Ponytail by EIDEAL™

The ponytail used to be the perfect antidote for bad-hair days, but in today’s fashion, it is highly the trendiest hairstyle that’s fit for any occasion. You can wear it low at the back of your neck for a business look or evening occasions, or keep it in the middle of the head for a casual, sporty look.

EIDEAL™ brings you the step-by-step directions to get the perfect ponytail. And of course, a perfect ponytail requires super sleek hair, so get your EIDEAL™ Diamonsilk flat iron ready and smooth down those locks!

EIDEAL™ Diamonsilk Flat Iron

EIDEAL™ Diamonsilk Flat Iron


Start by combing your hair to detangle it. Day-old hair (washed one day ahead) works best with ponytails. Put some mousse to give your hair some weight and texture.

Use an anti-frizz serum or gel to tame flyaway hair. If you have bangs, wisps or tendrils you do not want pulled back, now is the time to style them. Then, part your hair where desired.

Brush your hair into one hand, while pulling the rubber band around the wrist of the other hand. Let the tail hang parallel to your spine and collect the hair you want to include between the L made by your thumb and palm.


Put the brush aside and tighten the grip on the gathered hair. Transfer the ponytail into your lead hand with the palm facing the back of your head, the fingers and thumb facing down and the elbow facing up. This way, your hair will form a cord in the tunnel of your grip.

Hook the rubber band with your free index finger and stretch it down and then pull your ponytail through the band keeping a soft grip. Insert your other fingers and thumb into the band and twist it around the base of your ponytail. Press your pinky against the point where the rubber band crosses and make a wide circle.
Now grab your ponytail and pull it through the rubber band. Repeat those last steps until the band fits snuggly.

Now of course the rubber band should be invisible to get the sexy, young look! Take a small section of the tail and wrap it around the rubber band (twice for long hair, once for short hair). Secure it by inserting it into a strap of the band or by using a bobby pin. Use some extra gel or anti-frizz serum on the twisting section for greater control.

And there you have it! Now you’re ready to put on your short dress for a night out or your crisp-white shirt and business suit for that business lunch!

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Get your Halloween Hairstyle Finish with EIDEAL™

Halloween is just around the corner and this means it’s time for some fun while experimenting with different looks for your favorite costumes.

We at EIDEAL™ can help you get your perfect hairstyle finish for the costume you’ve chosen, whether a scary, original, cool or funky look.

1- Looking for a scary hairdo this Halloween? Just consider straightening your hair with the EIDEAL™ flat iron or Twin fusion flat iron at the roots and at the ends, and then follow with the crumpy crimping iron on just the middle part. This look would suit any creepy costume you go for. We’ve got the chills already!

2- If Halloween was another occasion for you to get all creative, then our EIDEAL™ E-curler  curling iron is all you need to get those cute curls going! If you want to go for the Desperate Housewife costume, simply backcomb your curly locks and put a ton of spray so that your hair holds! Now it’s time to put on your sexy 50’s inspired dress and hold a rubber dead chicken in one hand and a fake blood-stained knife in the other!

3- Another cool costume for Halloween is the Star Wars look, perfect for women with super long hair. Just get your hair straightened using the EIDEAL™ Diamonsilk flat iron or Twin fusion flat iron and then center part it. Get a few ribbons and tie them into your parted hair after slicking it down, as shown in the picture. Now you’re ready to put on your Renaissance outfit and voilà!

4- If you have short hair and think that Halloween is all about the funky hairstyles, then you need lots of hair products. Blow-dry your hair out with a flip using the EIDEAL™ hair dryer Silent Force after applying mousse or gel. Then, tease the roots so that ends stand up straight. To pinch the ends into points, you’ll need pomade wax. Finish off with a whole lot of spray!

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Straight Hair Like You Were Born With It!

Ever wondered how mega celebrities like the sexy Gwyneth Paltrow get such sleek hair?

Look no further! With the ultra professional EIDEAL™ Diamonsilk Flat Iron, you can get Paltrow’s look in just a few minutes! All you have to do is follow the following easy tips:

First off, wash your hair and then use a volumizing mousse with built-in heat protection to protect your hair from the excess heat of the flat iron.

Then, blow-dry your hair and create volume by lifting at the roots. If you have thick hair, no need for this step, just simply blow-dry it.

Clip your hair into sections. Grab one lock of your hair (up to 3 or 4 cm wide), and starting half an inch down from your roots (to make sure your hair maintains some volume), smooth the iron down the hair shaft, moving at a steady pace. Keep smoothing all sections until done with everything except for the section near the crown of your head, where you will get the iron as close to your roots as possible, pressing firmly while drawing the iron straight outward from your head in order to achieve a flat, smooth finish.

Finish off with some spray for extra hold. Et voilà! The perfect look for any occasion, just like Hollywood stars!

EIDEAL™ Diamonsilk Flat Iron

EIDEAL™ Diamonsilk Flat Iron

EIDEAL™ Diamonsilk Flat Iron


Diamonsilk is the first flat iron with diamond coating plate.
Diamonsilk Specifications:
• 10 Seconds to reach Max. temperature
• Quick recovery time
• Dual voltage
• Auto-shut off/ Operating time control function
• Shiver function mode
• Temperature control range : 230℃
• [Ceramic / Diamond] coating plate
• Operating mode function
• Moving Plate
Design And Technology By EIDEAL™, Made in Korea

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Haysam Eid, The man behind EIDEAL™

Haysam Eid, The man behind EIDEAL™

Haysam Eid, The man behind EIDEAL™

  1. Haysam you are a young and ambitious person doing business in the beauty industry. How come you chose this sector?

I was raised in a family where Art and Beauty are major. Mr. Younes Eid, my father, is one of the most famous hairdressers worldwide and the owner of Salon YOUNES EID the 3rd Best Salon in the World as ranked by ESTETICA Design in 2005. In fact, he is not only a hair stylist, but also a painter. My talents, ability and proficiency flourished owing to his constant support and back up. He granted me his good taste and savoir-faire in the world of beauty, and he still inspires me in each and every step toward success and special achievements. I myself won the first award of Fabriano painting competition at school, when my artistic tendency was discovered.

2. As far as we know you started your career after graduating from the worlds’ greatest hairstylist academy in London. Share with us your experience there.

After finishing school, it was the time to take a major decision in my life: shall I join university as most of people do or follow the path I finally chose? At that time, everything was just a simple idea I had to share at some point with my family before taking the final decision. For me, I always wanted to do something different; I don’t necessarily mean by different something that no one ever did, yet different is to have a unique twist. I thought I would do it the other way around; I would learn hairdressing at a young age and then join the university. On one hand, my father disagreed since he never expected nor wanted me to become a hairdresser; on the other, my mother supported me to the end and advised me to follow my instinct. Therefore, after convincing my father, I decided to join the world’s greatest hairstyling academy in London, where I completed my cutting and styling studies and accomplished TONI&GUY Cut & Color NVQ course (in 2004). I went to London when I was a kid, and this country played a major role in my life: I found out a lot about different cultures and people where I learned how to be completely independent. When I first joined the academy, it was weird to have student from abroad since the majority of students came from England itself. I had to work hard and to prove myself. And I did it. I still remember the last day of the graduation when I did a photo shoots for the models; I made every possible effort and I used all my skills to succeed. My goal that day was to surprise my father who couldn’t attend the graduation. I also owe my mother this success for being present besides me on my graduation day and for doing the makeup for the models; it is noteworthy that makeup was her passion and so art runs in the family. Finally I came back to Lebanon with a pleasant and rich portfolio, from which many pictures are picked up for the salon ads.

3. Up to now you are the only hair stylist in the Middle East region that you successfully completed the prestigious L’Oreal Professional Specialist Degree. What does this means for you?

Being the only hair stylist in the Middle East to have successfully completed the prestigious L’Oreal Professional Color Specialist Degree means a lot to me, especially that it wasn’t easy to get there. I first had to sit for an entrance examination to ensure that I enjoy the right level. I was first rejected not because I failed in the examination, but because this course was designated only for the hairdressers in England, as I was informed later on. At this stage, I got really upset, because despite the fact that I have passed the examination and achieved great results, they didn’t offer me the opportunity to proceed. Thus, I sent an email to the competent party insisting that it was unfair to take such a decision and objecting to the fact that they made me sit for the test knowing in advance that my candidature is rejected. I think my persistence got me there, because I finally got an acceptance. I even graduated with 94%. The last day, the director came to me saying, “Did you notice that you were the 11th student on the course this year?” I said, “so what?” He answered, “We usually take 10 people only since it’s an intensive course and you were an exception, very well done, I am proud of you!” I will never forget those words. I will never forget the tough moments when I saw some people leaving the course crying, while I had the chance to continue till the end. I am definitely proud of such an achievement.

4. Your father Younes Eid runs a really well known Salon in Beirut in Lebanon. You mentioned that he is your idol, the person who inspired you most. Tell us some things about him and what lessons did he teach you?

Yes, my father has always been my idol, at the very beginning; he taught me the modesty, an essential component for success, in addition to the hard work to achieve the goals. He used to tell me “no one is better than you Haysam, if something is doable, then you can do it!” I believe in these words and that’s how I have made it here so far.

5. Who is the most famous person that you ever took care in the Salon there?

For me, every client is famous; she comes to my salon to make her feel famous. She comes to me to take good care of her beauty and to give her all the needed professional attention and advice. This is hairdressing. For me, the hairdresser is a physician. A client wouldn’t go to the hairdresser if she hasn’t a problem with her hair, and by fixing this problem, you should make her happy, satisfied and self confident, because she wears her hair every day. If she doesn’t like it, she can’t take it off! I believe I got the trust of all my clientele, and I have taken care not only many people well known in the art field, but also of famous men and women in the high class society, but I prefer not to mention their names as respect for their privacy.

6. You grew up in Beirut. May you describe us the neighborhood where you spend your childhood?

I was born and I grew up in Sidon (Saida in Arabic), the capital of the South of Lebanon; I lived in that town until I changed school and moved to Beirut. Saida is a small city, where people know each other. It is surrounded by beautiful orchards of oranges, lemon, banana and loquat trees. I lived a beautiful childhood with my family and school friends.

7. What your country, Lebanon, means for you?

Lebanon is home for me, it’s where I belong, where I was raised and where my best memories are. It’s where I got my education and culture.

8. At this moment you have created your own brand, EIDEAL (www.eidealonline.com) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Tell us some things about your company.

EIDEAL™ is a leading appliance and hair accessories brand known in the MENA region, setting new standards for professional hair care in the beauty industry. EIDEAL is growing at against-the-odds pace since it reflects our own story, heritage and search for excellence and idealism as well as the professionals’ needs for a better quality tools for their salons. With a wide range of styling tools, EIDEAL offers its customers everything they need, to innovate hairstyles easily and quickly in the comfort of their own home. The brand became a sensation in the market; Professional hairdressers are more and more interested in buying it for salon use and for retail purposes. The current items include a vast selection of Hair Dryers, Straightening Irons, Curling Irons, Hair Brushes, Hair Clippers, Hair Scissors and other various hair related accessories. EIDEAL R&D team is working day and night to design new exciting and creative tools to improve the performance of hair professionals and satisfy the needs of all women striving for beauty.

EIDEAL™ – Excellently IDEAL!

Haysam Eid, The man behind EIDEAL™

Haysam Eid, The man behind EIDEAL™

9. How the idea of your company came in your mind?

I joined university to major in Business Management and I learned to combine the artistic and creative sense with my entrepreneurial and managerial capacities. My vision was to create a brand for my own salon use, as to complete the march of my father, the designer and creator of a small range of personal use brushes, and to take it to a higher and more developed level. Thus, it is only through holding to this vision, that my work and accomplishment were brought into manifestation. However, my ambitions were limitless and my dreams were ever growing. Charged with enthusiasm and backed up by persistence, I decided to establish EIDEAL™; a brand combining my name with idealism and specialized in hair appliances, accessories, brushes and scissors for professional hair salons. In fact, the idea of EIDEAL™ came to my mind in 2008, started with one product and didn’t take long to expand and cover a wide range of products.

10. What kind of difficulties you faced in your early beginning? May you share us some experiences from that time?

Difficulties are always there at the beginning, especially when you start something from scratch, I built the brand from zero, coming up with the name, concept, products, designs, technology, etc…, and I set up the whole team and distribution channel, trying to convince people about the brand, product and quality. But we finally got to the point where people loved the brand and trusted it.

11. What is your vision for EIDEAL?

Currently, EIDEAL™, the pioneer hair appliances and accessories brand in the region is growing at a very fast pace, thanks to the creative designs and first-class techniques used to provide the customers with great products and unsurpassed services. This is just the beginning of a long promising future in the beauty field; I will always dedicate my creativity and technical hair skills, sense of innovation and the world’s most refined techniques to develop my brand to be Excellent and IDEAL.

12. Dubai is a place where a lot of global celebrities are choosing either to live or to visit. Do you believe that this city may play a major role in the future of the beauty industry?

Absolutely with all what we’ve seen so far in Dubai, I believe everything is doable.  In fact, it is a favorable place for the businesses prosperity. Dubai is a very modern and flourishing city and I am sure that it will play a major role in the future of the beauty industry as in other fields because it is becoming the hub of development in the region.

13. Do you have any expression that represents the way you live?

I can make it…

14. Has your life been different than you have imagined?

I don’t think my life has been so different than I have always imagined. But definitely it was affected in a way or another by different factors. I am definitely still heading to my main goal and objective set from the very beginning. However, I had to change some tactics to get there, and hopefully I will make it!

15. If you could have the chance to do the hair stylist of a celebrity, who this one would be and why?

I would like to do the hair of Penelope Cruz.

I personally love simplicity and I find her simple yet so attractive, charming, elegant and sexy.

16. In order to close this interview, will you tell us how you define beauty?

Numerous are the magazines featuring the most beautiful people in the world, and they are all trying to answer this question “What is beauty?” In fact it’s very simple; beauty is the combination of qualities pleasing the aesthetic senses and especially the sight.


5 quick and easy hair tips EIDEAL™

We are more and more on the run nowadays and find ourselves racing time itself, but that doesn’t have to mean not taking care of our hair! We give you 5 quick and easy hair tips that will guarantee you will no longer have bad hair days!

1-     Do a half-wash: Just wash the top portion of your hair that’s oily in case you don’t have time to get in the shower. If you’re wondering how to do it, we will help! Just part your hair where it’s oiliest and secure the rest with a ponytail. Wash and dry the top half and it will look fresh again.

2-     Focus on styling the front: When you’re running out of time, go for the T-zone blow-dry. When the front and top of your hair look finished, so will you!

3-     Rock a ponytail: this simple, effortlessly chic and stylish hairdo is forever trendy. It’s also a great way to keep hair from getting in the way when you have a zillion errands to run. You can either go for a low pony, a sleek style or a high pulled-back ponytail look.

4-     After hours fixer: if you have straight hair, it’s probably wise to keep a travel-size shine spray/serum and a small flat iron in your desk or your bag. They come in handy to make your hair look lustrous again.

5-     Get a bob: if you’re too busy to consider the previous tips, simply get a bob haircut, which requires a minimum effort to style it, if any at all. It’s the sort of “get up and go” hairstyle!


you can use by EIDEAL™

the Silenforce Hair dryer

Silenforce specifications:
• Natural ion generating system.
• Double safety system.
• Low EMF technology.
• Removable filter.
• 3-Step speed control switch.
• 1800W.
• Cool lock button.
Ion Application Effect:
Silenforce Ion-generator hair dryer keeps human hair animate (alive) & moist by emitting a volume of ion and restraining (controlling) the static (inactive) electricity. Projects millions of negative ions to break the water molecules rather than boiling them like a conventional dryer. 50% faster drying time.
Design And Technology By EIDEAL™, Made in Korea.

EIDEAL™ Silenforce Hair dryer

EIDEAL™ Silenforce Hair dryer


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