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Hair Myths Busted!


From a very young age we are led to believe that certain practices or behaviors (such as eating the crusts of bread for curls) will result in luscious, long, Rapunzel like hair. Unfortunately at EIDEAL we know not all fairytales are true so it’s time for a little myth busting! 

1. Brush 100 strokes a day for healthy hair:

This tale is quite an old one. Perhaps it was your grandmother that encouraged rigorous brushing to ‘distribute the hairs natural oils’ or to stimulate growth? In fact neither is true. Over brushing can actually cause more damage than good and can often lead to breakage. Save your hair from broken, brittle ends by brushing only to detangle and style. It is also important to avoid poor quality brushes that can create static and pull at the hair.

2. Regular trims will make your hair grow faster and longer:

The story goes that if we keep trimming our hair regularly it will help it to grow longer and faster. This hair tip is all myth! Freshly trimmed hair does indeed have a healthier appearance than wild untamed hair with split ends (perhaps this is how this myth began). The truth is, your hair has its own biologically predetermined rate of growth and texture so cutting hair will not make it grow faster or thicker.

3. If you keep using the same shampoo it will stop working:

There is a common belief that your hair can build up a ‘tolerance’ to certain hair products and the performance of these products will decrease over time. This is simply a myth! Hair cannot “tell the difference between brands or build up tolerance to any product. Your favorite shampoo will work the same every time you lather up, week after week, month after month.” states hair and scalp expert Philip Kingsley. This being said, working  a clarifying shampoo into your monthly routine can be of benefit for those who have oily hair or those who tend to use a lot of products as this type of shampoo removes residue and build-up.

4. If you pull out a grey hair more will grow back in its place:

Whilst plucking out hairs is a bad habit that can lead to damage, pulling out grey hairs will not cause extra greys to grow in the same place.

5. To really clean your hair you have to ‘lather, rinse and repeat.’:

This mantra was drummed into us as children but here’s the truth! One thorough wash is enough to clean your hair, just be sure to rinse well. Washing hair too frequently can strip hair of its natural oils, which are vital for shiny, healthy hair.

6. Split ends can be repaired using the right hair products:

Sadly this is not true. Once it’s split, there’s no going back. The only way to remove split ends is to go for the chop.  If you haven’t got time to nip to the hairdressers you can use products with beeswax and silicone to reduce the appearance of split ends by sealing the ends together to give your hair a healthier look.

7. Use lemon juice in the sun to lighten blonde hair:

This is both true and false. Those that naturally have very light hair might see some slight difference if they spend a lot of the time in the sun with their hair soaked in lemon juice, but for most of us the difference will not be too noticeable.

8. Tying your hair in a ponytail will create bald patches:

Although regularly pulling your hair back tightly can lead to breakage there is no link between bald patches and tying your hair back in a ponytail or bun. To avoid any breakage use metal-free hair bands and try to avoid elastics that will cause the hair to rip.

9. If you don’t wash your hair for a long time it will begin to clean itself:

This theory might have originated from festival-goers and university students, but as our nostrils suspected there isn’t much success in this method. When it comes to personal hygiene, less is not always more! Washing hair regularly keeps excess sebum production at bay. This is important because sebum (the natural oil the secretes from the scalp) gathers around the hair shaft and covers it in a greasy layer. As well as having lank, greasy hair (not a good look) the excess sebum can cause an itchy, flaky scalp and will eventually start to smell. Our advice – stick to washing!

10. Eating Bread Crusts Will Make Your Hair Curly:

Finally, we thought it was time to clear up this old wives’ tale.  Simply put diet cannot change the shape of your hair. The bread crust myth is thought to have originated in Europe about 300 years ago, when many people lived on the brink of starvation. Curly hair was seen as a symbol of health and prosperity, as well as an indicator of youth. Those who had enough to eat (including bread) were generally healthier, so bread became associated with healthy, curly hair. Crusts actually tend to be the most nutrient-dense and healthful parts of bread. They contain more fiber and antioxidants than the rest of the loaf, so while eating them might not give you ringlets, it might make your hair shine a little brighter. (Source: http://www.divinecaroline.com)

Keratin: What You Need To Know

hair high res

Keratin is a term we often come across in the beauty industry. It’s used in everything from face creams to nail treatments and in hair care. But what exactly is keratin and more importantly, how can it benefit you? EIDEAL has the low-down so you can make an informed decision before considering a keratin treatment.

In the most basic sense, keratin is a family of proteins found in the hair, nails and skin. Built for both protection and healing they are among the most important and versatile compounds found in nature. To give you an idea of the strength and water resistant properties of keratin, you can find it in reptile shells and in bird beaks!

In the cosmetics industry a lot of the attention surrounding keratin focuses upon its use as an innovative ingredient for hair care. This can be attributed to the fact that your hair is made up of almost 95% keratin! If your hair is feeling a little lack luster this could be a direct result of keratin lost from the hair through heat styling, blow-drying, brushing and the atmosphere.

By replacing the natural keratin we lose in our day-to-day lives we can reverse some of the damaging effects which include, hair fall, dry/brittle ends, hair frizz and breakage. So now you know why keratin is a key player when it comes to your hair.

You might have heard that keratin straightening treatments have been hailed as a beauty breakthrough for unmanageable hair! This is because the treatments inject keratin back into damaged, frizzy hair. The keratin strengthens the hair shaft and makes it more resilient meaning that rain and humidity will no longer cause hair nightmares, they also offer a unique straightening effect which lasts for up to six months! This is especially good news for women with coarse or naturally curly hair that want to go straight.

With products available on the market for every hair type you would be forgiven for thinking that keratin is the perfect quick fix. Unfortunately, not all keratin treatments were created equally. There are many low-quality and counterfeit keratin treatments sold over the counter at what seems to be a very low price. If it seems too good to be true it often is, these poor quality treatments can cause serious damage to your hair. To avoid any tears, ALWAYS visit a trained professional at a reputable salon for your keratin treatment. We also recommend doing your research into the brand of keratin the salon uses before you take the plunge. EIDEAL’s Amazon Keratin range is known for its premium quality and outstanding results, it’s made in the USA and the range features everything from hair masks to clarifying shampoos and serums to prolong the life of your treatment!

Keep your Hair Healthy during Ramadan


Fasting during the Holy Month of Ramadan offers a whole host of benefits, spiritually, emotionally and physically.  By fasting you are detoxifying the body of the chemicals and additives found in day-to-day food and sugary drinks. By expelling these toxins you should notice an improvement in the condition of your skin and hair.

This year Ramadan has fallen during the hot summer months. As well as battling with the soaring July/August temperatures, there is also the issue of the extended summer daylight hours, which means that it is even more important to keep your hair hydrated at this time.

EIDEAL has a few key pointers to ensure your hair stays looking its best right through to Eid.

Stay hydrated:

During non-fasting hours try to stick to water and herbal teas. These drinks will keep you hydrated and replenish the body. Avoid sugary or caffeinated drinks as these will dehydrate your body and could cause all sorts of problems from migraines to break-outs! If water doesn’t do it for you, fear not! Try some coconut water! Coconut water has been proven to be more hydrating for the body than water and is rich in electrolytes and minerals. Professional athletes often embrace cocnut water as a natural alternative to isotonic sports drinks!

Eat right:

It’s very easy to overindulge at Iftar, but tucking into salty or fried foods will not only dehydrate you, they will also fail to offer you the nutrients that your body is craving. If you have been following our blog you will know that your hair needs a good balance of Omega 3, essential fatty acids and vitamins to be strong and fabulous! Break fast with dates and a glass of warm water mixed with ginger and lemon to cleanse you organs. Try to focus upon fruit and vegetables with a good mixture of grains and lean protein. Watermelon is a particularly hydrating fruit as it contains over 90% water!

Take care of your hair:

The combination of heat, fasting and the hard water found in the Middle East is no good for your hair! This means extra care and attention is needed to keep your hair looking its best. High street shampoos/conditioners strip the natural oils from your mane and dry it out so using a sulfate-free cleansing routine is crucial during Ramadan.

For a little extra nourishment using the contents of your kitchen cupboard, rub coconut oil into the routes of your hair, tie it in a bun and leave it to add moisture to your locks whilst you relax!

Ramadan Kareem!

Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2013

Thinking of revamping your color this summer? You’ve come to the right place! EIDEAL has all the hottest color trends to guide you to your new look!

ImageWarm Blonde

For years bright platinum blondes have reigned, but this season the SS’13 catwalks were full of warmer more natural looking blonde hues. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s color is perfect for a refreshing summers day look!

ImageSoft Tangerine

January Jones went from blonde bombshell to a fiery vixen with her color change this season. The star is just the latest in a long line of celebrities to adopt an orange tinge to their hair, others include Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone and Blake Lively.


Sombre (Soft Ombre!)

Following on from the wildly popular ombre trend of 2012, we have sombre. This is a more gradual and natural look, perfect for those who want to experiment with a color change (but not too much!). Nicole Richie embraces the trend here with an edgy bob.

ImageDeep Red

As tempting as it is to draw comparisons between Scarlett Johansson’s first name and her new ruby colored tones we will refrain. Redheads seem to be having the most fun recently, with red being the most popular color-change!

ImageHoney Highlights

Honey colored highlights are a great way to get in the spirit of summer. They work especially well on brunettes with a warm skin tone and instantly lift the complexion!

Haysam’s Pro Hair Tips for Summer – Carbonated Water Rinse

Image Want to know how you can combat frizz & hair fall from your fridge? EIDEAL’s Haysam shares a top celeb styling tip that doesn’t cost!

A well kept secret of many celebrities, that combats hair-loss in hard water areas and works wonders on curls! Carbonated or sparkling water reduces frizz because of its low pH level.  This is a good treatment for ladies with curly hair, because it will help to eliminate the frizz caused by humidity. After washing hair, give it a final rinse with carbonated or sparkling water.

EIDEAL does The Great Gatsby!

ImageAt EIDEAL we’re all about the glamor, so you can imagine our excitement at the new Hollywood release, The Great Gatsby. With a wardrobe designed by Miuccia Prada, jewelry by Tiffany & Co, and stunning 1920s hairstyles to match -what’s not to like! We are simply dying to share a bit of background info about our favorite Gatsby inspired hair dos with you!

6c8f41af-595b-4b48-baf5-abae4fc4617fwallpaper1920s Style

Hairstyles of the 1920s created more controversy than at any other time. The ‘roaring twenties’, as it’s often referred to, was a period of time after the war when women rebelled against traditional female stereotypes, cut their hair into short ‘bobs’ and went all out with the glamor (think beaded flapper dresses and glittering headdresses). Eyebrows were most certainly raised as women donned shorter dresses and stockings to compliment their new hairstyle. The traditional curvy, feminine aesthetic was out and more athletic figures were in! FACT: Did you know the ‘bobby pin’ was invented to keep 1920s bobbed hairstyles in place?

Finger Waves

Finger waves were the hallmark hairstyle of the 1920s. You were not a proper flapper girl without this do! Unsurprisingly, the style was created using the fingers and setting lotion to form a wave in the hair. As well as many fashion magazines and advertisements of the time, the likes of Coco Chanel began to ‘bob’  and wave their hair (a sure sign that this was an official trend). The wide spread popularity of such styles led to the development of new curling and perming techniques.

This style has since been embraced by the fashion industry and by  Hollywood glamor pack – you can often spot finger waves making their way down the red carpet! We particularly love Halle Berry’s modern interpretation of the look (above)!

57740db2-014c-4f62-8f89-2f673741a245wallpaperFaux Bob

Not all women of the 20s were so keen to lop their luscious locks off to make a statement, so a faux bob was the next best thing! Women with longer hair lengths would pin the ends under to give the illusion of shorter hair. Finger waves, curls and sparkling hair accessories were still the order of the day for women with long hair!

The beautiful Salma Hayek (above) gives a perfect example of how ladies with longer lengths can add some 1920s glamor to their look.

Which Curler Does What?

So you long for loose long curls like the Victoria’s Secret models, but you keep ending up with springy spirals? We think you may be using the wrong curler size!

There are several different sizes to choose from, which can be confusing! Each barrel size has its own unique finish, which can drastically effect the outcome and your desired look. So we have decided to take the hassle out of choosing and listed below each curler size and what it can be used for.


38T Big Curls & Salon Blow-driesImage

This is the largest curler with a 38mm barrel. It’s great for achieving  the very wide and thick curls we often see on Hollywood starlets such as Kim Kardashian. This curler is also perfect for achieving the Chelsea blow-dry look, but curling under the ends. This creates the illusion of volume and is great if you want to fake a salon blowout!


755e42f5-1057-4bbb-83c3-16bb677b2c24wallpaper32T Volume & Loose Luscious Locks 32T

This barrel size is ideal for loose, undone curls on longer hair lengths – perfect for those boho beauties amongst you! The 32mm barrel width is also great for achieving volume – check out Nicola Roberts’ bouncy auburn look we came across!


25T Glamor Curls25T

Perhaps the most popular barrel size, the 25T is the one you need for glamorous curls! Whether your hair is long or short you will be sure to get a gorgeous feminine curl from the 25mm barrel size.



19T Naturally Curly & Perfectly Defined

If you have naturally curly hair you will want a 19mm barreled curler like the 19T to ensure your curls are perfectly defined. We have seen a lot of shorted hair lengths with curls or waves recently, so we will call this a trend! This barrel size is crucial for shorter hair lengths that want gorgeous, defined curls.

EIDEAL’s – Top 5 Hair No Nos!

ImageSo, EIDEAL is great for giving you guys the best tips around to keep your hair in premium condition, but how about what you shouldn’t do?

Don’t worry we’ve covered that too! To avoid future hair disasters we have made a list of the top 5 hair ‘don’t dos’ to save your locks!

Image1) Using Dirty Styling Tools

It’s something we know we should do, but often gets neglected – remove all old hair from your brushes after each use! Make sure your brush is clean, as dirty surfaces are breeding grounds for bacteria – something you don’t want to carry around in your hair do!

EIDEAL advises that you rinse your brush in warm water with a gentle soap at least once a month to ensure your brush and your hair are squeaky clean. Be sure to replace your brushes  at least once a year too – your hair will thank you!


Image2) Ripping your Hair with Elastic

Warning! Before you tie your hair back with an elastic remember this – uncovered hair elastics will rip your hair! Take a closer look at it. If it’s not covered (ideally a continuous circle, without any metal showing), you shouldn’t use it. An uncovered elastic is no better than using a plain rubber band from your stationary kit!
Buy a high-quality hair band to keep your hair in one piece! NB. Whilst on the subject of bad hair tying practices – Do not tie wet hair. When wet your hair it’s at its weakest. The added pressure from the water and the traction could lead to hair fall.
Adult woman washing head
3) Over Washing your Hair
We all love that clean, freshly washed hair feeling, but did you know that over washing your mane is just as bad for it as not washing it often enough?

Tony Bou Khalil, senior stylist at Toni & Guy believes that, “Washing your hair too often strips your locks of their natural oils, which results in dry, damaged tresses.” This is particularly true for dry hair types, who should wait as long as possible between washes to let their natural oils penetrate the hair.

Over washing contributes to hair damage and loss, as we age this increases and can become noticeable. Wait as long as possible between washes to keep your hair in it’s natural state – if it’s looking oily try some dry shampoo, it will soak up the excess oil and mean you can wait longer between washes.

hair-split-ends4) Waiting too Long Between Trims

Split ends are nature’s way of telling you “honey, you need a trim”! It’s catch 22 – you want to grow your hair, but split ends actually impede hair growth and, if left unattended, cause the hair to split right up the follicle and break off!

It may sound strange, but the secret to long, luscious locks is to ensure you visit the salon regularly for trims. EIDEAL recommends getting a  trim once every 6-8 weeks to get rid of dry and weak parts and to promote hair growth.


images5) Ignoring your Scalp

The scalp is the birthplace of every strand of hair on your head. If the follicles here aren’t kept in good, healthy condition your hair will suffer the consequences. To boost the healthy of your scalp work with a gentle shampoo. You can also massage your own scalp to stimulate growth. When washing your hair, always rinse thoroughly – this ensures that all the dirt and residue from the shampoo is washed away and does not clog the hair follicles.



EIDEAL’s, Haysam Eid, reveals one of his Top Hair Tips for Summer

With summer on the way EIDEAL wants to make sure your hair remains in tip-top condition.Today hair expert & founder of EIDEAL, Haysam Eid, reveals one of his favorite hair tips to keep you looking fabulous all summer long.Image

Go Sulfate Free – The pool, sea air, and water can really take it out of your hair, especially when combined with sunlight and sulfates! Sulfates are cheap lathering agents used in many high street shampoos and conditioners. Associated with drying out the hair, products that use sulfates can cause particular problems when it comes to summer. The heat and UV rays make hair vulnerable to damage and it can often break as a result of poor quality products.

I strongly recommend using sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners such as our Passion Fruit Keratin Care range, made from natural ingredients; they treat the hair softly, and do not strip the natural oils from the hair. In the long term using sulfate free products will actually save you money as well as they also prolong keratin straightening treatments, which means you will be able to wait longer in-between salon visits.

Keep your eye out for more summer hair tips from EIDEAL over the next few weeks – your hair will thank us!

WARNING: Hair SOS! The dangers of not conditioning!


Warning! If you don’t use conditioner your hair could end up like this (dry, damaged and difficult to manage)!

Now that we have your attention, we want to take a quick moment to tell you about the benefits of using a high-quality conditioner on your hair.

As well as making your hair look silky-smooth and and frizz-free, conditioners also strengthen the hair and prevent damage.

Know your hair

Conditioners, they clean, detangle, protect your hair from heat, lock-in moisture and add shine – how fabulous! Conditioning may be a natural part of the grooming ritual for most of our fans, but did you know that your basic high-street conditioner might not be enough for your hair type?

Normal/Oily hair types – For general use, a standard conditioner should be sufficient for hair types with little damage to the ends. Ensure that it is sulfate-free to avoid stripping the natural oils from your hair. EIDEAL’s Passion Fruit Keratin Care Conditioner contains keratin protein, oils and other natural ingredients to protect hair from the heat of blow-drying and maintain shine, elasticity, and health. Tip: Allow your conditioner several minutes to penetrate into the cuticle before rinsing out.

To boost your condition and shine, be sure to combine your conditioner with a serum. EIDEAL’s Argan Oil range provides the hair with immediate moisture and restores natural shine to the hair. For those with oily hair types, high-street creams and serums often equate to greasy hair due to the oil-heavy ingredients. Fear-not! EIDEAL’s creams and serums carry almost no molecular weight, thus avoiding heaviness and greasiness.

Dry/Damaged hair types – Some of us are lucky enough to have naturally smooth and sleek locks but those who aren’t might need to add a little extra TLC to their routine.

Try a Hair Mask – Those with dry or heat damaged hair may require a more intense conditioning treatment. Used once a week, hair masks are a great investment as they prolong the life of your hair treatments and rejuvenate dry/damaged hair. The texture of a hair mask is too rich to use daily, so it’s worth investing in a weekly mask that will leave your hair looking nourished and save you cash in extra visits to the salon! Try our Green Tea Keratin Mask for  a luscious, deep conditioning treatment!

Remember: If your hair is dry/damaged, if you blow-dry or use heated hair tools, if you like to swim/sit in the sun or if you color or perm your hair you need to condition!