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Color Trends for Fall/Winter 2013-14

As fall draws in many of us are feeling inspired to swap our summery highlights for a more seasonally appropriate hue. If this is the case then look no further. From warm tones to ‘bronde’ (brown-blonde) we have this season’s most desirable colors ready for you!


The New Blonde

Blondes! Bright is out! Adding brown and golden tones is a fast and none too drastic way to your hair to get your hair ready for fall. Swap over-bleached blonde highlights for a select few, subtly placed ones that will frame the face.



Yes, you read that correctly. One of our favorite shades for fall is ‘bronde’, not quite brown and not quite blonde. ‘Bronde’ hair is that perfect shade that’s somewhere between blonde and brunette. This is a great way for natural brunettes to experiment with a lighter shade without committing to the change and maintenance of full-on blonde!


Brunettes go For Gold

For a warmer, on-trend, look for fall brunettes can draw attention to their features with warm golden, caramel or chestnut slices of color around the face. This technique is also a good idea for those who are looking to revamp their summer ombre.


Dark Brunette Lowlights

Lowlights add depth, tone and a subtle shine for dark brunettes that want to update their hair color in a not-so-obvious manner.


Redheads go Darker

Shades of red are always popular for fall, this year is no exception. Fall 2013’s red heads are experimenting with darker roots to add depth, and warm brown undertones to give a deeper red hue.

Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2013

Thinking of revamping your color this summer? You’ve come to the right place! EIDEAL has all the hottest color trends to guide you to your new look!

ImageWarm Blonde

For years bright platinum blondes have reigned, but this season the SS’13 catwalks were full of warmer more natural looking blonde hues. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s color is perfect for a refreshing summers day look!

ImageSoft Tangerine

January Jones went from blonde bombshell to a fiery vixen with her color change this season. The star is just the latest in a long line of celebrities to adopt an orange tinge to their hair, others include Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone and Blake Lively.


Sombre (Soft Ombre!)

Following on from the wildly popular ombre trend of 2012, we have sombre. This is a more gradual and natural look, perfect for those who want to experiment with a color change (but not too much!). Nicole Richie embraces the trend here with an edgy bob.

ImageDeep Red

As tempting as it is to draw comparisons between Scarlett Johansson’s first name and her new ruby colored tones we will refrain. Redheads seem to be having the most fun recently, with red being the most popular color-change!

ImageHoney Highlights

Honey colored highlights are a great way to get in the spirit of summer. They work especially well on brunettes with a warm skin tone and instantly lift the complexion!

Barbie gets the Bleach Treatment

Barbie gets the Bleach Treatment

Barbie gets the Bleach Treatment

Ummmm..how cool are these bleached-out Barbies?

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Summer 2012 Short Hairstyles: Exciting Bob Haircuts

Short bobs are the most exciting short hairstyles. Although you might think it’s a classic (which it is!), but the modern take on short bobs is absolutely stunning and fresh! You can look gamine or amazingly chic and elegant! As for the styling options for this hairdo, there are many to choose from.

A bluntly cut short bob is ideal for medium or thin straight hair. But that doesn’t mean it’s a no-no for girls withcurly hair: with lots of layers at the end, this hairstyle can be your best friend!

Also, it works best on women with oval or square face shapes. If you have a round face shape and would like to get a bob, give it some length and it will suit you very well.

Short bobs are perfect for showcasing your beautiful facial features. And if you are bold and can’t get enough excitement, go for bangs! They add an extra touch of daringness to your hairstyle!

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EIDEAL™’s Top 5 Golden Globe Hairstyles

It’s the award season in the US and that means it’s time for Hollywood royalty to give us our much needed fashion fix! The season kicked off a couple of days ago with the much anticipated Golden Globes where mega movie stars dazzled us with their hot looks. Here’s our pick of the 5 most beautiful red carpet hairstyles for the 2012 Golden Globes.

Fully Loaded Curls: Elle MacPherson rocked the sexy blonde locks like no other for the Golden Globes.

Side Sweep: Nothing says modern more than Rooney Mara’s slicked back side-sweep!

The Updo: Such a classic, timeless and elegant hairdo worthy of the red carpet, and Jessica Alba charmed us with her All American Girl look!

The Perfect Ponytail: Sarah Michelle Gellar was a stunner with this super trendy hairstyle.

The Full Fringe: We couldn’t but give thumbs up for Nicole Richie who was bedazzling with her sultry full fringe and her classic ponytail.

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Hair Accessories Any Fashionista Can’t Live Without

Flowers, headbands, jewels and cute pins are a quick, easy and ultra glam way to turn your everyday hairstyle into a party-worthy one. A simple ponytail or a side-part can become super chic and stylish with the right accessory. Below are our picks for the hair accessories that any fashion savvy lady cannot go without.

1-    Amy Adams rocks a cute bow tie accessory on the side of her ponytail


2-    Lucy Liu Accessorizing with a charming flower


3-    Christen Bell Donning the simple yet stylish head band


4-    Adrienne Bailon accessorizes with classy pearls


5-    Katy Perry wears simple curls and glams the look up with a shiny hair clipper


6-    A more sophisticated headband definitely turns the look from good to great

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2011 Christmas Hairstyles from EIDEAL™: Classic Retro Waves!

The 20’s fashion is back for the festive season. Let’s face it: nothing beats super sexy wavy locks! But of course, the fun and modern twist is there, so don’t worry about looking out of fashion!

Consider the following tips using EIDEAL™’s Curling Iron to get the best art deco trend as your Christmas hairstyle!

Step 1: first things first! Create some volume with volume boosting foam or hair mousse.

Step 2: To add texture, blow-dry your hair, lifting at the roots with a large bristle brush.

Step 3: Use the finger pin curl technique on the top of the hair (wrap 2 cm squares of hair around a finger, and then release the finger keeping hair in a coil. After that, heat the coil with EIDEAL™’s curling iron) and there you have it: a beautiful wave appears!

Step 4: For larger waves, follow Step 3 wrapping 3 t 4 cm squares of hair around your finger instead. Shake your head from side to side in order to let the waves fall naturally. Step 5: to finish off your wavy hairstyle, spray some extra hold spray. You’re ready for the Christmas celebration now!

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