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Ahlan! Hot 100 Party

ImageOn March 5th the EIDEAL team donned their best dresses (and suits) and made their way to the ultra-fabulous Waldorf Astoria Hotel for the Ahlan! Hot 100 party! For those of you who couldn’t make it, don’t worry! We were busy snapping the entire evening so that we could bring you the highlights!


Before we left we ensured that we looked our very best by having our make-up applied by celebrity favorite, Hannah Lisa MUA.

ImageThe night began with bang! The 10th Anniversary introduction featured a DJ, laser show and fireworks!


We were mesmerized by acrobats and contortionists!




Before enjoying some mouth watering nibbles! There was everything from sushi to cheese and some seriously HOT deserts!


The EIDEAL team – not a hair out of place!


EIDEAL’s founder, Haysam, next to the Hot 100 Hall of Fame – can you spot his name?


Haysam next to his Hot 100 canvas, you can learn more about Haysam and his passion for show jumping here


EIDEAL’s Laura & Kate strutting their stuff on the Hot 100 Red Carpet!

5 Hair-olutions from the EIDEAL Office!


“Picking split ends” – our Marketing Manager’s nasty hair habit! We’re all guilty of committing sins when it comes to beauty and the EIDEAL girls are no different! But a New Year demands a new start and we’re going to try our level best to cutout our beauty misdemeanors! After much office debate we have come up with our top 5 New Year’s hair-olutions that we resolve to stick to until 2015!

1. I will not split my hair to the root by picking/peeling split ends!

2. I will moisturize! I will remember to use my leave-in conditioner between wastes and to deep-condition my hair once a week.

3. I will hydrate! Drinking more water is a New Year’s MUST! H2o boosts detoxification and will dramatically improve the quality of your skin, hair, nails and eyes. Aim to drink at least 2-3 litres per day for shiny, healthy hair!

4. I will change my look! Wearing my hair in a ponytail 7 days a week is getting repetitive! I will change my look using braids and curlers as my aids!

5. I will turn down the heat! I will adjust the settings on my flat irons and hairdryer once in a while to give my hair a break from Max. Temp!

We think these 5 hair-related resolutions are easy to apply and make a pretty good start for gorgeous hair all-round for 2014!  Here’s to a year full of fabulous, flowing locks!

4 Festive Hairstyles to Take you from Christmas to New Year

We love the festive season as it’s the one time of the year that you can quite simply, show off! It’s ‘OK’ to dress head-to-toe in sequins, adorn yourselves in bling and dance from dusk til dawn! With this in mind we think you’re going to need some hair inspiration to take you from Christmas eve catch-ups to New Year’s Eve celebrations. Here is our 4 top picks!


Slicked Back

Slicked back hairstyles scream ‘high-fashion’ and they have been everywhere this season. Add some edge to a pretty dress with a super-straight, high-shine do. You’ll need our DiamonSilk flat irons to complete the look as the diamond-coated plates add an unparallelled shine!


Soft Waves

Soft waves aren’t just for the beach, Sarah Jessica Parker shows they can look very chic and feminine with a LBD! To achieve this look twist small strands of the hair before wrapping around the barrel of your curling tong.


80s Inspired Curls

Remain on-trend with 80s inspired curls and a deep side-part  – the TwinFusion, is an ideal tool for this –  add texture by backcombing through the curls to give a less structured finish.


The Perfect Blowdry

Sleek hair is trendy this season, and it’s perfect for the holidays because it looks well finished. After blowdrying your hair using a round brush to smooth and curl under, use a wide-barreled tong to curl under the ends to add definition and the illusion of extra volume.

Spray Bottle Solutions

The EIDEAL Spray Bottle is one of my most underrated but valuable tools! As a beauty buff, I keep a cupboard stocked full of empty bottles to ensure I have all my hair potions at the ready! For rinsing I could use plain old water but where’s the fun in that? Instead I mix a few spay concoctions, each with a different effect, to help me style and maintain my healthy mane!

Here are some of my favorite recipes to inspire you collection!

The Stimulation Spray:

This spray is great for stimulating the scalp, boosting circulation and removing build-up, it combines Tea Tree, Basil and Rosemary essential oils. I use this spray to prepare my hair before any Deep Conditioning treatments. The Almond Oil nourishes the hair shaft and works to loosen the build-up whilst Tea Tree, Basil and Rosemary unclogs pores, stimulates scalp circulation and helps to promote hair growth.

Spray bottle stimulation

The Styling Support Spray:

I use this spray solution when styling as it helps to strengthen and hydrate my mane. Whilst the Aloe Vera juice nourishes the peppermint helps to stimulate blood flow to the root, supports and nurtures the hair follicles and banishes an itchy scalp, which can often be a by-product of styling products. Please note: The peppermint can cause a tingling sensation in the scalp.

Spray bottle styling

The Dry Scalp Relief Spray

This spray is designed with braids and protective styles in mind! It eliminates the itchy, dry scalp that can be a result of build-up in between washes and living in a warm climate!  The Aloe Vera juice soothes and revitalizes an irritated and inflamed scalp and the Jojoba Oil puts in some extra effort to loosen and dissolve hardened build-up. Chamomile Oil is known for it’s calming properties and in this mix it helps to soothe irritated nerves whilst Lavender Oil attacks that ‘itchy’ feeling and helps to keep dandruff at bay.

spray bottle dry scalp

Mixing Tips:

  • I use my personal judgement to gauge measurements for my sprays
  • To avoid wasting expensive essential oils, , using you empty spray bottle, add your essential oils first. This will help you gauge how much is added.
  • Most itchy scalp problems are due to dryness. Notice we’re filling the majority of the bottle with distilled or purified water. This is because water is moisture and it will help to get rid of that dry, irritating feeling.
  • Lastly, top your bottle off with nourishing oils. Keep in mind that your hair (probably) already has oil in it so try to use more liquids than oils in your mix. If you feel your hair is too oily, simply remove the oil from the recipe.
  • Keep your Aloe Vera Juice sprays in the fridge to keep them fresh. If the cold bothers you, fill up a deep bowl with warm water and sit the spray bottle in the pool for 5-10 minutes.

Color Trends for Fall/Winter 2013-14

As fall draws in many of us are feeling inspired to swap our summery highlights for a more seasonally appropriate hue. If this is the case then look no further. From warm tones to ‘bronde’ (brown-blonde) we have this season’s most desirable colors ready for you!


The New Blonde

Blondes! Bright is out! Adding brown and golden tones is a fast and none too drastic way to your hair to get your hair ready for fall. Swap over-bleached blonde highlights for a select few, subtly placed ones that will frame the face.



Yes, you read that correctly. One of our favorite shades for fall is ‘bronde’, not quite brown and not quite blonde. ‘Bronde’ hair is that perfect shade that’s somewhere between blonde and brunette. This is a great way for natural brunettes to experiment with a lighter shade without committing to the change and maintenance of full-on blonde!


Brunettes go For Gold

For a warmer, on-trend, look for fall brunettes can draw attention to their features with warm golden, caramel or chestnut slices of color around the face. This technique is also a good idea for those who are looking to revamp their summer ombre.


Dark Brunette Lowlights

Lowlights add depth, tone and a subtle shine for dark brunettes that want to update their hair color in a not-so-obvious manner.


Redheads go Darker

Shades of red are always popular for fall, this year is no exception. Fall 2013’s red heads are experimenting with darker roots to add depth, and warm brown undertones to give a deeper red hue.

Hair Myths Busted!


From a very young age we are led to believe that certain practices or behaviors (such as eating the crusts of bread for curls) will result in luscious, long, Rapunzel like hair. Unfortunately at EIDEAL we know not all fairytales are true so it’s time for a little myth busting! 

1. Brush 100 strokes a day for healthy hair:

This tale is quite an old one. Perhaps it was your grandmother that encouraged rigorous brushing to ‘distribute the hairs natural oils’ or to stimulate growth? In fact neither is true. Over brushing can actually cause more damage than good and can often lead to breakage. Save your hair from broken, brittle ends by brushing only to detangle and style. It is also important to avoid poor quality brushes that can create static and pull at the hair.

2. Regular trims will make your hair grow faster and longer:

The story goes that if we keep trimming our hair regularly it will help it to grow longer and faster. This hair tip is all myth! Freshly trimmed hair does indeed have a healthier appearance than wild untamed hair with split ends (perhaps this is how this myth began). The truth is, your hair has its own biologically predetermined rate of growth and texture so cutting hair will not make it grow faster or thicker.

3. If you keep using the same shampoo it will stop working:

There is a common belief that your hair can build up a ‘tolerance’ to certain hair products and the performance of these products will decrease over time. This is simply a myth! Hair cannot “tell the difference between brands or build up tolerance to any product. Your favorite shampoo will work the same every time you lather up, week after week, month after month.” states hair and scalp expert Philip Kingsley. This being said, working  a clarifying shampoo into your monthly routine can be of benefit for those who have oily hair or those who tend to use a lot of products as this type of shampoo removes residue and build-up.

4. If you pull out a grey hair more will grow back in its place:

Whilst plucking out hairs is a bad habit that can lead to damage, pulling out grey hairs will not cause extra greys to grow in the same place.

5. To really clean your hair you have to ‘lather, rinse and repeat.’:

This mantra was drummed into us as children but here’s the truth! One thorough wash is enough to clean your hair, just be sure to rinse well. Washing hair too frequently can strip hair of its natural oils, which are vital for shiny, healthy hair.

6. Split ends can be repaired using the right hair products:

Sadly this is not true. Once it’s split, there’s no going back. The only way to remove split ends is to go for the chop.  If you haven’t got time to nip to the hairdressers you can use products with beeswax and silicone to reduce the appearance of split ends by sealing the ends together to give your hair a healthier look.

7. Use lemon juice in the sun to lighten blonde hair:

This is both true and false. Those that naturally have very light hair might see some slight difference if they spend a lot of the time in the sun with their hair soaked in lemon juice, but for most of us the difference will not be too noticeable.

8. Tying your hair in a ponytail will create bald patches:

Although regularly pulling your hair back tightly can lead to breakage there is no link between bald patches and tying your hair back in a ponytail or bun. To avoid any breakage use metal-free hair bands and try to avoid elastics that will cause the hair to rip.

9. If you don’t wash your hair for a long time it will begin to clean itself:

This theory might have originated from festival-goers and university students, but as our nostrils suspected there isn’t much success in this method. When it comes to personal hygiene, less is not always more! Washing hair regularly keeps excess sebum production at bay. This is important because sebum (the natural oil the secretes from the scalp) gathers around the hair shaft and covers it in a greasy layer. As well as having lank, greasy hair (not a good look) the excess sebum can cause an itchy, flaky scalp and will eventually start to smell. Our advice – stick to washing!

10. Eating Bread Crusts Will Make Your Hair Curly:

Finally, we thought it was time to clear up this old wives’ tale.  Simply put diet cannot change the shape of your hair. The bread crust myth is thought to have originated in Europe about 300 years ago, when many people lived on the brink of starvation. Curly hair was seen as a symbol of health and prosperity, as well as an indicator of youth. Those who had enough to eat (including bread) were generally healthier, so bread became associated with healthy, curly hair. Crusts actually tend to be the most nutrient-dense and healthful parts of bread. They contain more fiber and antioxidants than the rest of the loaf, so while eating them might not give you ringlets, it might make your hair shine a little brighter. (Source: http://www.divinecaroline.com)

Ionic Technology – EIDEAL’s Secret to Beautiful Hair


Ionic technology seems to be the current buzzword in the world of hair, but what does that mean for you?

Ions are quite a complex notion, so a simple way to understand them is to imagine holding your hair next to a balloon. Suddenly your hair becomes full of static and sticks up. This is because the balloon, which is full of positively charged ions pulls away the negative ions and leaves your hair with a positive charge, which in turn causes the static and frizz. Positive ions are created as a result of friction so this same ‘balloon effect’ can occur in our day-to-day lives, as a result of air conditioning, contact with man-made fibers, air pollution, brushing or towel drying, which isn’t ideal for those of us who crave frizz-free locks!

This is where ionic technology comes in to its own. Ionic hairdryers emit negatively charged ions to act as a neutralizer for the positively charged ions in the hair.  In doing so ionic technology eliminates static and frizz and tightens the cuticle layer to preserve the natural oils in the hair shaft, helping to maintain your hair’s natural strength and shine.

As a bonus, ionic technology also speeds up drying time. The negative ions help to break apart the water molecules in wet hair, lock in moisture and allow for a much faster drying time, without causing the heat damage previously associated with other hairdryers.

Try: EIDEAL’s new eionic hairdryer reduces dry time and infuses vital humidity to dry even the most fragile hair leaving it visibly soft and shiny. It is also one of the few hairdryers that features low EMF technology to ensure the safety of the user!

Dubai’s Street (Hair) Style


At EIDEAL we’re constantly searching the globe for the latest innovations in hair and beauty, but sometimes the chicest styles appear a bit closer to home! Today we bring you some of the best hairstyle picks from the streets of Dubai!


Many women in Dubai are blessed with lovely long, thick hair. We love these classic waves! (Photo Cred: Style.com/Arabia)


This bright take on the ombre trend is giving us hair envy! Especially accessorized with this super-stylish ‘turband’.  (Photo Cred: West L.A Boutique, Dubai)

 Image Chic, multi-strand, twisting plaits with subtle blonde tips! There’s so much going on with this hairstyle! (Photo Cred: Style.com/Arabia)


Short hair is a huge trend this season. This style is seriously edgy. (Photo Cred: Time Out Dubai)


These subtle highlights are a refreshing reminder that hair doesn’t have to be ‘over done’ to look glam! (Photo Cred: Style.com/Arabia)


This look shows Dubai’s style-savvy inhabitants at their best! We love the contrast between the  feminine styling and edgy shaved hair. (Photo Cred: Style.com/Arabia)


This fabulous top knot reminds us of an ‘off-duty model’, it’s simple, understated but nonetheless stylish. (Photo Cred: Time Out Dubai)

Which brush does what?


Today we go back to basics and discover which brush you need to create a certain look. It may sound basic but something as simple as changing the hairbrush you’re working with could drastically change your look!

ImagePaddle Brush

The paddle brush is a good ‘all-rounder’. It’s flat shape and soft cushion padding make it great for detangling longer hair lengths and whilst it won’t achieve a voluminous blow-dry like some of the round brushes, the nylon bristles reduce static, so the paddle brush is perfect is you want a sleek and straight style. We recommend this brush as a staple for day-to-day use.

ImageWide Barrel Round Brush

Essential for creating an on-trend, big blow-dry. A wide-barreled round brush  is often used to create a natural looking curl at the ends without resorting to the curling iron. The wide barrel means this brush is great for longer hair lengths as more hair fits around the barrel, but it can also be used to create volume for those with mid-length hair who like the ‘big hair’ aesthetic.


Small Barreled Round Brush

If you have short or fine hair a small barreled round brush can be used to create volume at the roots to create the illusion of thicker hair. This brush is also handy for styling bangs or creating tighter curls/waves when combined with a hairdryer. 

Keratin: What You Need To Know

hair high res

Keratin is a term we often come across in the beauty industry. It’s used in everything from face creams to nail treatments and in hair care. But what exactly is keratin and more importantly, how can it benefit you? EIDEAL has the low-down so you can make an informed decision before considering a keratin treatment.

In the most basic sense, keratin is a family of proteins found in the hair, nails and skin. Built for both protection and healing they are among the most important and versatile compounds found in nature. To give you an idea of the strength and water resistant properties of keratin, you can find it in reptile shells and in bird beaks!

In the cosmetics industry a lot of the attention surrounding keratin focuses upon its use as an innovative ingredient for hair care. This can be attributed to the fact that your hair is made up of almost 95% keratin! If your hair is feeling a little lack luster this could be a direct result of keratin lost from the hair through heat styling, blow-drying, brushing and the atmosphere.

By replacing the natural keratin we lose in our day-to-day lives we can reverse some of the damaging effects which include, hair fall, dry/brittle ends, hair frizz and breakage. So now you know why keratin is a key player when it comes to your hair.

You might have heard that keratin straightening treatments have been hailed as a beauty breakthrough for unmanageable hair! This is because the treatments inject keratin back into damaged, frizzy hair. The keratin strengthens the hair shaft and makes it more resilient meaning that rain and humidity will no longer cause hair nightmares, they also offer a unique straightening effect which lasts for up to six months! This is especially good news for women with coarse or naturally curly hair that want to go straight.

With products available on the market for every hair type you would be forgiven for thinking that keratin is the perfect quick fix. Unfortunately, not all keratin treatments were created equally. There are many low-quality and counterfeit keratin treatments sold over the counter at what seems to be a very low price. If it seems too good to be true it often is, these poor quality treatments can cause serious damage to your hair. To avoid any tears, ALWAYS visit a trained professional at a reputable salon for your keratin treatment. We also recommend doing your research into the brand of keratin the salon uses before you take the plunge. EIDEAL’s Amazon Keratin range is known for its premium quality and outstanding results, it’s made in the USA and the range features everything from hair masks to clarifying shampoos and serums to prolong the life of your treatment!