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Get The Look – Win EIDEAL Hair Tools with My Fash Diary

ImageIf you loved our hair tutorial and want to know how you can get the look, you’re in luck!  To celebrate our new partnership with My Fash Diary, one of our lucky followers will win a hamper bursting with EIDEAL hair tools, namely the dryer, curler and brush that were used to create December’s look. To enter, all you have to do is share the post on the MyFashDiary.com Facebook Page and like the EIDEAL Facebook Page. The winner will be announced on 29th January so good luck!

The Hair Diaries – EIDEAL & My Fash Diary Monthly Hair Tutorial

We are super excited to announce that we have joined forces with the oh-so-chic Tala Samman of My Fash Diary fame for a monthly hair tutorial feature! We have had many requests from our fans asking how to use our tools to achieve salon-worthy results. This feature will enable our audience to get the most out of their EIDEAL hair tools, recreate the hottest hair trends and master the basics such as a blow-dry with a few easy, at-home steps!

Our first tutorial was just in time for the December festive party season and featured two looks that take you from day-to-night!

ImageTala began by using her eionic hairdryer and Ceramic Long Barrel Brush to create a curly, bouncy blow-dry, perfect for a polished daytime look.

ImageAfter the first look was complete, Tala showed just how easy it is to take the look from day to night. The fashion and beauty blogger used her EIDEAL eCURLER to quickly add definition to her curls before gently separating them with her fingers for an ultra-glam nighttime look. The eCURLER is the ideal tool for creating those Hollywood-style curls as the barrel is coated with Nano-Silver and Nano-Titanium to ensure the hair is protected from damage and left with a healthy sheen!

ImageFor a detailed step-by-step guide to Tala’s glam curls visit: www.myfashdiary.com and keep your eyes peeled for January’s edition!

Ionic Technology – EIDEAL’s Secret to Beautiful Hair


Ionic technology seems to be the current buzzword in the world of hair, but what does that mean for you?

Ions are quite a complex notion, so a simple way to understand them is to imagine holding your hair next to a balloon. Suddenly your hair becomes full of static and sticks up. This is because the balloon, which is full of positively charged ions pulls away the negative ions and leaves your hair with a positive charge, which in turn causes the static and frizz. Positive ions are created as a result of friction so this same ‘balloon effect’ can occur in our day-to-day lives, as a result of air conditioning, contact with man-made fibers, air pollution, brushing or towel drying, which isn’t ideal for those of us who crave frizz-free locks!

This is where ionic technology comes in to its own. Ionic hairdryers emit negatively charged ions to act as a neutralizer for the positively charged ions in the hair.  In doing so ionic technology eliminates static and frizz and tightens the cuticle layer to preserve the natural oils in the hair shaft, helping to maintain your hair’s natural strength and shine.

As a bonus, ionic technology also speeds up drying time. The negative ions help to break apart the water molecules in wet hair, lock in moisture and allow for a much faster drying time, without causing the heat damage previously associated with other hairdryers.

Try: EIDEAL’s new eionic hairdryer reduces dry time and infuses vital humidity to dry even the most fragile hair leaving it visibly soft and shiny. It is also one of the few hairdryers that features low EMF technology to ensure the safety of the user!

EIDEAL’s Ahlan competition!

ImageOne of our favorite things to do at EIDEAL is meet our fans, so we were delighted when we got the chance to catch up with the winner of our joint competition with Ahlan! magazine & deliver her prizes in person!

The EIDEAL hamper featured a range of EIDEAL classics including one of our most popular hair tools, TwinFusion. It’s unique design is ideal for curling, straightening and waving the hair and it’s coated with white diamonds so there’s no damage to the hair! Perfect for those girls who can’t decide which hairstyle they like best! We also added one of our SilenForce hairdryers as it’s a favorite among our salons and customers. SilenForce uses ionic technology to eliminate frizz and reduce drying time so it’s great for girls on the go. It is also one of the only hairdryers available that features Low EMF technology, which means that the user is protected from the harmful effects associated with many hairdryers! Phew!

Lauren was chosen from the thousands of entrants to win the EIDEAL hair treats, so we popped into her office in Jebel Ali to congratulate & meet her in person. Look at that smile! We think she’s pleased!


Cool Hair in the Heat – EIDEAL’s Blow-Dry Tips for Summer.

ImageWith the weather in Dubai suddenly taking a turn from hot to hotter your hair can often suffer. At EIDEAL we feel that hair doesn’t have to be tired, limp, or frizzy, just because the temperatures are soaring!

Our team of hair experts have come up with their favorite drying tips to keep your hair vibrant and bouncy all day:


It may sound obvious, but tangled hair is a no-no! Tangles encourage the hair to break away and stop growth. Smooth, tangle-free hair is the cornerstone of any good blow-dry! Always brush through thoroughly using a comb or paddle brush before you dry. It is important to use a good quality product for this as cheap versions often break or skim over the hair. Try the EIDEAL Paddle Brush for tangle-free tresses!


This is key – the way you direct your hair dryer can make or break your style. If the nozzle points upwards or comes into contact with the hair it will fry the cuticle and cause damage to your hair – and nobody wants dry and damaged hair! The correct way to blow-dry is to direct the dryer down the hair shaft and to keep a good distance between the nozzle and your mane.


It is a common misconception that simply leaving your hair to dry in the air is the healthiest and most natural way to treat your hair. In actual fact, this is not the case! 

A recent study by scientists in Korea, discovered that using the correct blow-drying technique (we discussed above!) is actually better for the health of your hair. Here’s why:

Every strand is made up of a sensitive inner layer and a protective outer layer (the cuticle). The two layers are held together by delicate proteins. “When the cuticle layer is perfectly intact, then hair is very shiny and doesn’t tend to break,” says Jeff Donovan, MD, Certified Hair Restoration Physician.

The study highlights the fact that air-drying can cause damage, because when hair is wet, it swells. If the hair is left to air-dry (a process which can take several hours), unnecessary pressure is applied to the delicate proteins that support the hair, often causing breakage. This, combined with the dusty summer air will leave your hair brittle and  in need of some TLC. The best way to protect your hair is to blow-dry with a high-quality dryer, which leads me to our next tip…


ImageTOOLS –

If you want a salon-quality style you need to invest in salon-quality tools.This is the reason your hair always looks so great when you have it styled by a professional, but you can achieve the same effect in the home!
We think the smartest way to blow-dry is to use a high-quality hair dryer with adjustable heat settings such as EIDEAL’s SilenForce. This hair dryer not only uses Ionic Technology to protect the hair’s natural balance, it also eliminates frizz. SilenForce, combined with a good quality brush, will give you healthy looking hair all summer long!


Spring/Summer Hairstyles Straight from London Fashion Week’s Runway

Hairstyles are ever-changing and with the Spring/Summer season knocking on our door, we find interesting hairstyles that were highlighted in all the runway shows of the London Fashion Week.

The top 3 looks for spring/summer are by far the classic ponytail, which continues to gain popularity, the slicked back hairstyle, which is perfect for glamorous dinners, and of course the 1920s tight waves which are so fabulous and unique! But if you’re not a fan of the tight waves, a bed-head hairstyle is still fashionable.

The classic ponytail


The slicked hair

The slicked hair

As for the haircuts, we saw many fringe bangs. They are just so adorable! Another popular haircut is the bob, and the very short one.

The bob haircut

The bob haircut

Wavy hair

Wavy hair

So, which hairstyle do you prefer to rock this spring?

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EIDEAL™’s Top 5 Golden Globe Hairstyles

It’s the award season in the US and that means it’s time for Hollywood royalty to give us our much needed fashion fix! The season kicked off a couple of days ago with the much anticipated Golden Globes where mega movie stars dazzled us with their hot looks. Here’s our pick of the 5 most beautiful red carpet hairstyles for the 2012 Golden Globes.

Fully Loaded Curls: Elle MacPherson rocked the sexy blonde locks like no other for the Golden Globes.

Side Sweep: Nothing says modern more than Rooney Mara’s slicked back side-sweep!

The Updo: Such a classic, timeless and elegant hairdo worthy of the red carpet, and Jessica Alba charmed us with her All American Girl look!

The Perfect Ponytail: Sarah Michelle Gellar was a stunner with this super trendy hairstyle.

The Full Fringe: We couldn’t but give thumbs up for Nicole Richie who was bedazzling with her sultry full fringe and her classic ponytail.

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