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BeautyWorld ME 2013

Image Wow! Last week was certainly a busy week for Team EIDEAL! We were lucky enough to be exhibiting at the BeautyWorld Middle East exhibition in Dubai’s World Trade Center and what a whirlwind of hair, nails, make-up and perfume it was!

We always get really excited in the weeks leading up to BeautyWorld as we know we can catch up with all our existing fans and make some new ones!

ImageWe offered our visitors the chance to test out EIDEAL’s range of hairtools at the stand and even revamped some hair dos along the way! We were super excited to have our Amazon Keratin experts all the way from Miami join us at the stand to show the crowds how it’s done with their live keratin demonstrations! Check out the difference our keratin makes – from coarse, frizzy hair to sleek and straight in just a few hours, and the huge plus with Amazon Keratin is that it’s gentle so there’s no tears or unpleasant fumes!

Image We also launched two fabulous new products at the event that we have been struggling to keep a secret for the last few months! For those of you who couldn’t make it to BeautyWorld – check them out:


These are our new premium cutting scissors, handmade in Japan! We have been working on the design of these scissors for sometime now to ensure that they are just right, we even have a smaller pair specifically designed for female hairstylists!

They’re made from rare Japanese cobalt which makes them durable and precise! Perfect for hairstylists who have a premium image to maintain!


FacePro is such a brilliant yet simple idea – we’re amazed it hasn’t been thought of before! It’s a thin protective shield that protects the face from hair Clippings, perfect for stylists and customers. The thin, soft film is an easy-to-use facial shield whilst cutting, treating, blow-drying or coloring hair.

We know there’s nothing worse than sitting for hours whilst we’re getting our highlights done – not being able to see a thing! We’ll be sure we ask our stylist for FacePro, so we can read a mag in comfort next time we’re in the salon!


Haysam’s Pro Hair Tips for Summer – Carbonated Water Rinse

Image Want to know how you can combat frizz & hair fall from your fridge? EIDEAL’s Haysam shares a top celeb styling tip that doesn’t cost!

A well kept secret of many celebrities, that combats hair-loss in hard water areas and works wonders on curls! Carbonated or sparkling water reduces frizz because of its low pH level.  This is a good treatment for ladies with curly hair, because it will help to eliminate the frizz caused by humidity. After washing hair, give it a final rinse with carbonated or sparkling water.

WARNING: Hair SOS! The dangers of not conditioning!


Warning! If you don’t use conditioner your hair could end up like this (dry, damaged and difficult to manage)!

Now that we have your attention, we want to take a quick moment to tell you about the benefits of using a high-quality conditioner on your hair.

As well as making your hair look silky-smooth and and frizz-free, conditioners also strengthen the hair and prevent damage.

Know your hair

Conditioners, they clean, detangle, protect your hair from heat, lock-in moisture and add shine – how fabulous! Conditioning may be a natural part of the grooming ritual for most of our fans, but did you know that your basic high-street conditioner might not be enough for your hair type?

Normal/Oily hair types – For general use, a standard conditioner should be sufficient for hair types with little damage to the ends. Ensure that it is sulfate-free to avoid stripping the natural oils from your hair. EIDEAL’s Passion Fruit Keratin Care Conditioner contains keratin protein, oils and other natural ingredients to protect hair from the heat of blow-drying and maintain shine, elasticity, and health. Tip: Allow your conditioner several minutes to penetrate into the cuticle before rinsing out.

To boost your condition and shine, be sure to combine your conditioner with a serum. EIDEAL’s Argan Oil range provides the hair with immediate moisture and restores natural shine to the hair. For those with oily hair types, high-street creams and serums often equate to greasy hair due to the oil-heavy ingredients. Fear-not! EIDEAL’s creams and serums carry almost no molecular weight, thus avoiding heaviness and greasiness.

Dry/Damaged hair types – Some of us are lucky enough to have naturally smooth and sleek locks but those who aren’t might need to add a little extra TLC to their routine.

Try a Hair Mask – Those with dry or heat damaged hair may require a more intense conditioning treatment. Used once a week, hair masks are a great investment as they prolong the life of your hair treatments and rejuvenate dry/damaged hair. The texture of a hair mask is too rich to use daily, so it’s worth investing in a weekly mask that will leave your hair looking nourished and save you cash in extra visits to the salon! Try our Green Tea Keratin Mask for  a luscious, deep conditioning treatment!

Remember: If your hair is dry/damaged, if you blow-dry or use heated hair tools, if you like to swim/sit in the sun or if you color or perm your hair you need to condition!

2011 Christmas Hairstyles from EIDEAL™: Classic Retro Waves!

The 20’s fashion is back for the festive season. Let’s face it: nothing beats super sexy wavy locks! But of course, the fun and modern twist is there, so don’t worry about looking out of fashion!

Consider the following tips using EIDEAL™’s Curling Iron to get the best art deco trend as your Christmas hairstyle!

Step 1: first things first! Create some volume with volume boosting foam or hair mousse.

Step 2: To add texture, blow-dry your hair, lifting at the roots with a large bristle brush.

Step 3: Use the finger pin curl technique on the top of the hair (wrap 2 cm squares of hair around a finger, and then release the finger keeping hair in a coil. After that, heat the coil with EIDEAL™’s curling iron) and there you have it: a beautiful wave appears!

Step 4: For larger waves, follow Step 3 wrapping 3 t 4 cm squares of hair around your finger instead. Shake your head from side to side in order to let the waves fall naturally. Step 5: to finish off your wavy hairstyle, spray some extra hold spray. You’re ready for the Christmas celebration now!

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Get your Halloween Hairstyle Finish with EIDEAL™

Halloween is just around the corner and this means it’s time for some fun while experimenting with different looks for your favorite costumes.

We at EIDEAL™ can help you get your perfect hairstyle finish for the costume you’ve chosen, whether a scary, original, cool or funky look.

1- Looking for a scary hairdo this Halloween? Just consider straightening your hair with the EIDEAL™ flat iron or Twin fusion flat iron at the roots and at the ends, and then follow with the crumpy crimping iron on just the middle part. This look would suit any creepy costume you go for. We’ve got the chills already!

2- If Halloween was another occasion for you to get all creative, then our EIDEAL™ E-curler  curling iron is all you need to get those cute curls going! If you want to go for the Desperate Housewife costume, simply backcomb your curly locks and put a ton of spray so that your hair holds! Now it’s time to put on your sexy 50’s inspired dress and hold a rubber dead chicken in one hand and a fake blood-stained knife in the other!

3- Another cool costume for Halloween is the Star Wars look, perfect for women with super long hair. Just get your hair straightened using the EIDEAL™ Diamonsilk flat iron or Twin fusion flat iron and then center part it. Get a few ribbons and tie them into your parted hair after slicking it down, as shown in the picture. Now you’re ready to put on your Renaissance outfit and voilà!

4- If you have short hair and think that Halloween is all about the funky hairstyles, then you need lots of hair products. Blow-dry your hair out with a flip using the EIDEAL™ hair dryer Silent Force after applying mousse or gel. Then, tease the roots so that ends stand up straight. To pinch the ends into points, you’ll need pomade wax. Finish off with a whole lot of spray!

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Get Maya Diab’s Killer Curls!

Lebanese sexy singer Maya Diab is best known for her iconic chestnut-colored curls. Her hair was the talk of the hour when she showed up at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival rocking her signature curly hairstyle.

Maya Diab at the Abu Dhabi film festival

Maya Diab at the Abu Dhabi film festival

You can now get Maya Diab’s fabulous hair by following the next steps and using EIDEAL™’s E-PRO ELEGANT CURLING IRONS.

Always start by washing your hair. Then, put some hairspray at the roots for extra volume and gently massage that area. If your hair is thick, you could use a little balsam and massage gently one more time. After that, comb your hair to distribute the previously applied products evenly.

Once done with the preparations, blow-dry your hair.

Divide your hair into 3 sections and catch each section with a hairpin. Depending on how you like your curls, choose the thickness of the strands.

Now is the time to start curling! Take each strand and twist it around the curler and then catch it with pliers at the tip of your hair. The estimated time for keeping the strand caught in the curler is 30 seconds to the maximum, but this time may vary depending on your hair type.

Important tip: don’t you get the idea of combing your curls! For a denser look, simply run your fingers down the curls. When done with the curling process, apply some more hairspray for extra hold.

Get curling, ladies!

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Trendy Hair Styles for Winter by EIDEAL™

The cold season is drawing near and this can only mean one thing in the world of hair fashion: changing your hair style!

Getting a new haircut is one of winter’s hair essentials. After all, your hair is most probably looking dull and has lost its lovely shine due to being excessively exposed to the sun and sea water in summer.

When looking for a trendy, sexy, and feminine haircut, consider the fringe bangs. We have already seen celebrities rocking bands this season (Selena Gomez even tweeted a picture about it!), so that’s another reason for you to get those bangs going!

bangs: Selena Gomez

bangs: Selena Gomez

If you have straight hair and you love shorter hair styles, pixies are also ideal this winter. You can keep your hairstyle sleek and straight for everyday fashion, or use the EIDEAL™’s curler to throw in a couple of curly locks and change your look totally, adding volume and a touch of glam to your basic pixie.

If your hair is long and you would like to keep it that way, you could get a layered haircut to add volume to your hair and make it look more special. This style is so in right now, as it is both practical and beautiful.

long winter hairstyle

long winter hairstyle

But no matter what hairstyle you choose for winter, remember the oldest yet most important tip: consider your face shape before deciding which haircut you want to get!

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